MMM Minutes 04/04/02

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
April 4, 2002

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Trudi DiTrolio, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Ann Lindell, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
Campus IT Organizational Changes
  1. Ron Schoenau stepped down as the Director of NERDC.
  2. He will divide his time between acting as the head of Info Technology for Win Phillips and the acting director of NERDC, Chuck Frasier.
  3. Ron is retiring in June 2003.
  4. In the interim, Dr. Dick Elnicki will be the “go-to-guy” at NERDC. Dr. Elnicki says that he will run all decisions by Tigert.
New Centralized IT Policies
  1. Telecom, PPD – phones, etc. and CCTS – hardware installation will all be moved to Network Services.
  2. DOCSYS & SAMAS is supposed to unify into one system. Should be a snapshot for autonomous universities. It will require a mainframe system, and NERDC would make sense. FCLA already has their own.
  3. There is currently a lot of flux with people and institutions.
  4. Network Management is moving each unit to centralized control – Net Services. The first department to go will be Architecture. Their cost will be about a third of ours.
  5. Net Services at the campus level will take over. They have not yet determined what the per-port fee will be. The Education college has about 1000 ports – could be about $70,000 per year to get support and service.
  6. Architecture problems – units under different administrative control: Music, AFA. Network Services did not ask if people wanted them to have strictly network-to-wall plate responsibility. Troubleshooting will be much more difficult at the local level.
  7. How can they start a pilot program without changing the funding? Like the phone bill, we’ll have to pay a fee to the wall plate.
  8. Are they using any institution as a model for this system? Unknown.
  9. We deliberately got rid of lots of complications losing beyond the wall plate stuff. What is troublesome is the undetermined charge. If we have to pay $10-$13 per-port every year forever…we do not have that much money.
  10. Consolidation of voice and data may be a possibility in the future, but it’s probably a long way off.
  11. Disaster recovery plans need to be done by the end of the calendar year so that we can project what minimal service level we can economically function at.
  12. Immediate impact on the new building plan? They’ll go with vertical for the wiring closets. Will impact what we can do. May have to keep it at a mid-range 2000 people due to per-port installation fees.
  13. Wireless? Poor quality service for public access. It’s really only handy for working in the stacks. If the bandwidth is shared, it drops to nothing. The performance may improve in the future, but not at the rate of other technology. It might be effective to use on a laptop accessing email, but it is hopeless for Web access and graphics.
  14. The Education Library will be closed this Saturday, April 6 from 6AM-4PM, due to a power outage.

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