MMM Minutes 07/18/02

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
July 18, 2002

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Tom Caswell, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Lori Driscoll, Trudi Di Trolio, Leilani Freund, John Freund, Tom Minton, Patrick Reakes, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner
Intermittent Power Outages
  1. We have been experiencing intermittent power outages on campus – both announced and unannounced. There was a scheduled outage in MSL – we moved NT5 to Music – then today the power in Music was up and down all morning. If you end up in a situation where the power goes off, be sure to unplug all machines. When the power comes back online, it can surge and cause damage. When the outage is unannounced, it’s wise to wait and make sure the power is going to stay on before powering the equipment back up.
  2. We need to really try to take care of our equipment – many major manufacturers are taking warranties down to one year instead of three years.
User Folders Move
  1. We have almost completed the move of user folders to NT2R. 60%-70% of them have been moved.
Workstation Security
  1. We had an incident where a patron walked into a staff area, sat down at a staff machine and started to use the Web browser. The person did not have nefarious intent; he just wanted to use a Web browser and was unaware that the machine was not for public use. Our public machines have restricted use – the staff machines do not. Staff machines can be used for attacks – and would all be done in the name of the person signed on to that workstation.
  2. We are going to have all staff screen saver timers set to lock up when not in use for 3-5 minutes. Users will have to enter their password to log back on to their computer.
  3. We have asked staff members to do this voluntarily, but it is not happening – we often see open computers. We need the liaisons to set all workstations to lock up automatically after they are left idle.
  4. All NERDC services lock up automatically; we just have not enforced that rule in the Libraries.
  5. At least once or twice a week we have someone trying to hack in by trying to figure out each sign-on password. Our 12-character length password helps to make it difficult. When they hit our public user sign-ons, it causes them problems by loading all of the security we have on those machines.

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