MMM Minutes 08/1/02

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
August 1, 2002

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Lori Driscoll, Trudi Di Trolio, Leilani Freund, Barry Hartigan, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Iona Malanchuk, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
Power Outages
  1. Power outages are happening campus-wide. They are unannounced and will continue until fall classes start.
Planning for New Employees
  1. When an employee is leaving his/her position, it is a good idea to find out what computer-based operations that they perform that are unique to the position. Need to know the programs, functions, permissions, folders, etc. We now allow computer access at various levels: general Library network access, GatorLink, Dean’s Menu, SAMAS, and NOTIS.
  2. GatorLink – campuswide – everyone should have a GatorLink account. People need to make sure it works and keep up with it by signing on at least once a month.
  3. Dean’s Menu access – we use Hummingbird – 3270 emulator to reach it. It is currently still on the mainframe, but it is supposed to be available on the Web by next year. In the meantime, it is necessary to have a Dean’s Menu ID, which is issued through the Libraries. Personnel must request that the appropriate menu items are added to your user ID.
  4. SAMAS access will be going away for UF Accounting soon. To obtain or delete a Library SAMAS account, talk to our Accounting department.
  5. NOTIS ID – (this whole system is scheduled to change soon with the advent of AELPH) – Rich contacts FCLA – they have a pool of user IDs – Rich gives the pool to department chairs who maintain and give out the user IDs. The pool has to be authorized and maintained by FCLA. They need to know exactly what function the IDs will be used for. NOTIS passwords do work from home. The passwords can be reset and reassigned. If they are not recycled, the department will run out of IDs in the pool.
  6. When someone leaves, is anything at risk? Most damage comes from insiders, not outsiders. Backups exist, but if someone has a grudge it is best to let Systems know immediately so we can chop off their access immediately. Normally we will maintain an email account for a while until the former employee can get all of their email forwarded to a new address.
  1. Expense, OCO, IT – anything new (not the cost of doing business, repairs, etc.) has to be approved by the Directors. Up to now, this was not the case. There will now be a longer delay in getting items ordered –it used be done within a week of submission – now you can expect more of a delay.
Workstation Maintenance
  1. Upcoming major changes for all workstations – there will soon be a new service pack for W2K. It will be a minor adjustment to the operating system. SP3 – has to be installed by someone with Admin authority. Bill got an advanced copy and has installed it with no problems. It has not been officially released yet. Should only take 5-10 minutes to install with the reboot.
  2. This will be a good time to set the workstation lockup timer to 5 minutes. All workstations should be set accordingly.

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Last updated August 5, 2002
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