MMM Minutes 09/05/02

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
September 5, 2002

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Denise Bogart-Caballero, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Trudi Di Trolio, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Erich Kesse, Ann Lindell, Iona Malanchuk, Tom Minton, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carl Van Ness
Public Printing
  1. Public print release stations – Denise Bennett brings up the difficulty they are having logging back on to them when they go down. Right now, only Xerox knows the password to bring them back up. The MSL staff has to locate the Xerox guys and have them come around to restart the print release stations.
  2. Bill replies that Xerox currently has one ID set up for all routine functions. They are in the process of changing that so an ID will be created that can restart the print release stations, yet not be enabled to blow it away.
  3. Xerox should be installing it today. Systems will notify the liaisons of the new ID. Xerox originally had concerns with the administration of the ID.
  4. There is some confusion with the OK/Log-In buttons. The OK button is supposed to be used to get on the machine. The Log-In button is for administrative purposes only. Xerox says it would break the system to remove the Log-In button. They hope to eventually make it less accessible.
  5. There are also complaints about the case sensitivity of log-ons. That will be an easy fix.
  6. When will the next version of Xerox public printing be released? Most likely, not until the end of the term. Xerox’s development schedule is unknown – they have other customers in addition to us, but it’ll probably happen between terms. Nothing immediate.
  7. Some departments are reporting the buttons to log on will occasionally, mysteriously disappear. There is no pattern to this phenomenon.
Status of Computer Inventory
  1. There is a block of Gateway E4200’s that are still in use. Naturally, now that the 3-year warranty is expiring, they are dying at a rate of 1-2 per week.
  2. All we can do is replace the machines. Usually it is the motherboard that dies and that is very expensive to repair when not under warranty. We placed a call to Gateway and they laughed at us for wanting an old motherboard. The E4200’s had a series of different motherboards and most of them are no longer manufactured. We have one enroute from them that is of a general, similar type. We’ll see if it works. For now we’re replacing them with new machines.
  3. Warranties in the public sector are now only one year. University contracts are currently at three years, but that will probably drop back in the near future.
  4. The new machines that we are using for replacements are left over from the end of last year’s purchase. We may end up spending more on replacement machine then upgrading machines this year.
  5. This also underlines the necessity of keeping your system backed up.
New Computer Classroom
  1. Plans are underway for a new computer classroom in L308 MSL. It will initially be used for staff training on the new AELPH system. Ultimately, the public will use it as well.
  2. The room still needs to be wired, etc. If you have any input on the room setup, you may want to contact Facilities.
  3. Should be available for staff training by January. Will have between 14-16 workstations.
  4. There have been a lot of electrical problems in MSL – power outages and the like.
Shut Downs
  1. Reminder – machines should be left on (but locked up) over night. Systems will occasionally perform computer checks and virus scans.
  2. The exception to this is probably MSL, due to the frequency of unannounced power surges.
New Account Set Ups
  1. Systems will be informed by Personnel of new hires, then contact the hiring supervisor to determine what kind of computer access the new hire needs. Hiring supervisors will need to know if they require MSN and/or email accounts as well as server access.
Critical Updates/Patches
  1. Liaisons will be installing the SP3 patch and performing critical updates this afternoon.
  2. The SP3 patch is on the local server. It takes quite awhile to install – maybe up to an hour.
  3. The patches are critical for closing up large security holes.
  4. The recent filters installed at the campus POP has helped to eliminate threats from within the campus. Liaisons will receive detailed orders and instructions this afternoon at the Liaison Meeting.

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