MMM Minutes 09/19/02

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
September 19, 2002

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, , Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Trudi Di Trolio, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Erich Kesse, Iona Malanchuk, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Carol Turner
ALEPH Update
  1. ALEPH data review is underway. Resource Services people went to FCLA for training.
  2. We have a data subset to look at and access.
  3. A schedule has been established: we have two weeks to look at the first set of records - then enter them. The deadline for that is October 2. October 3-11, FCLA will be meeting with Ex-Libris to make any changes requested as an outcome to the data review. There will be a second subset to review starting October 11. The first review subset is bibliographic holdings; hopefully the second will be patron records.
  4. The implementation of this system is really starting to move. Resource Services found the training to very helpful.
  5. Ex-Libris was very complimentary to FCLA for getting the data in such good shape.
  6. Resource Services has a link to ALEPH on their departmental Web site.
  7. There’s a different client that points to the UF data.
  8. Not only Resource Services, but also other departments such as Preservation, Documents Law and Health Science are reviewing the data as well.
  9. This system implementation should go smoothly – FCLA has a lot of programmers available to work on this. There should be no panic.
  10. The new system to integrate UF IDs (doing away with SSNs) may be much more problematic.
The Continuing Saga of Public Printing
  1. We had a minor public printing outage on Monday morning. The print server decided to stop serving printouts. Cause is unknown – no attack or hardware failure. The server was restarted and service returned.
  2. We have not received a lot of reports of problems – things seem to be going fairly well. There seems to be more trouble with the cards, not the printing system.
  3. It is working as well as it can. People have to comply with the machine’s way. We may need to design our own placard to replace the one put in place by Xerox.
  4. Unhappiness with the system is ultimately a public service function – taking care of the students.
  5. PSITC meeting – Denise gave a list of problems with the new printing to Barbara Oliver to discuss at her meeting with Xerox. Ultimately, if the printing isn’t being used (for whatever reasons) then the Library and Xerox are losing money.
  6. Music – some public machines keep saying “verify patron records”, but not all of them. Those that do need to be rebooted. As previously reported, the log off button disappears. So far, this has not a reproducible phenomenon, but if it seems to be happening to people with ID problems, then this could be a clue.
  7. MSL – Denise notes that recently a selected printer would not print. It gave the error message to “install printer”. After restarting it, when the user ID came up, it said ‘WUSER’ (the Library West log-on) rather then ‘MSLUSER’ (the MSL log-on). It appears that some diligent student “cracked the code”. Unfortunately, if you use the log on for a different library, you are unable to print. Moral of the story: when you restart, pay attention to the user IDs.
Access Permissions on the Server
  1. Within the last day or two, there have been some permission slips within folders on the server.
  2. The cause of this is unknown, but we intend to find out.
  3. We will restore all read-only, read/write and permission combinations required.
  4. It is advisable to have staff check to see if their folders currently have the desired security.
  5. We are reviewing permissions as fast as possible, but there are literally thousands of folders. Liaisons can assist in checking.
  6. Please report any permissions problems to SYSHELP.
ProQuest Access Difficulties
  1. The ProQuest access has been difficult in Journalism lately. Staff can access, but most of the public machines cannot.
  2. Suggest putting one on the proxy server to see if it can access. If it does go through with the proxy, then it is an IP related problem on the other end.

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