MMM Minutes 02/06/03

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
February 6, 2003

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Tom Caswell, Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Leilani Freund, Erich Kesse, Iona Malanchuk, Cathy Mook, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck
Microsoft Critical Updates
  1. New update just issued. There is a hole in IE; we will be prodding liaisons to get the update out.
  2. The update is loading rather slowly right now, as the site is very busy. We will try to make it available on the server, if possible.
  3. Our policy used to be to wait for months before installing these updates – to try to avoid errors – but nowadays these holes can be a big security risk.
  4. The Slammer SQL virus was doubling its rate of attack every 8.5 seconds the first three minutes it was out. It sent out 700 million queries per minute, randomly setting up addresses. The virus code itself is only 400 bytes. This will now serve as a model. Even if you are not directly infected with the virus, it clogs up Internet access. Due to dire consequences, we can no longer wait to install these patches.
Directive on Disposal of Computer Refuse
  1. DDD memo – major announcement: Physical Plant is getting serious about treating all computer parts as hazardous.
  2. Anytime any computer parts have to be disposed of, they are to be treated just like decaled property. This includes cables, components, wiring, chips, etc.
  3. Liaisons will be briefed on the procedures at today’s meeting. Equipment removal forms will be necessary. Facilities will be contacted to survey the items.
  4. The memo does not mention media – floppy disks or CD ROMs.
  5. We need to try and comply with the new rules.
  1. Ordering has started again.
  2. We’ll be replacing the oldest machines first. We’ll start with the Swamp machines and keep going until the end of the fiscal year.
  3. The budget for next year looks grim.
SysRequest Online
  1. DLC, Preservation & Special Collections are currently testing the database.
  2. May be ready in the next two-three weeks. The Systems programmers are currently working on another project, but streamlining this database is their next project.

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