MMM Minutes 03/06/03

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
March 6, 2003

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Tom Caswell, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Leilani Freund, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Iona Malanchuk, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Richard Phillips, Patrick Reakes, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Carol Turner
Public Workstation Reconfiguration
  1. Strategy for Information Commons – expanding the public area - need to know how many and desired configuration.
  2. There is no reason to wait for Library West renovations to start thinking about these changes.
  3. Software, scanning, CDRW, Office Suite, FTP capabilities – these are possibilities that Reference is considering. Originally, they were being considered for the new building, but there really is no need to wait until then.
  4. AFA has the most experience with pilot programs.
  5. Need to get suggestions/requests for this in by the end of the month. This is not limited to West.
  6. Scanners would require larger working space.
  7. Making these changes soon would give us some experience for the expansion.
  8. Iona notes that they have had an increased demand for classes in Education, but there is no place available to teach.
  1. A serious hole was found in Send Mail. This constitutes 80-90% of the traffic on the Internet. It is used in GatorLink and almost every other mail system.
  2. The nature of the hole is that the attacker can completely take over the computer. NERDC will be scanning – this is critical. Outlook will not be affected, but mail may be delayed.
  1. The next order of 30 computers has been configured. They will be ordered without monitors. People can keep what they are used to. If any are broken, they can be either repaired or replaced.
  2. This order will also go out without speakers – we are getting CPU, mouse & keyboard only. In addition, these will be configured with W2k, not XP.
Aleph Implementation
  1. Implementation has been pushed back. The start up date was scheduled for May 12.
  2. Now there is a window of time: mid-May to August 1st. We do not want it to happen too close to the beginning of the fall semester.
  3. Will aim to switch in production in July. Cataloging will need to freeze in mid-May.
  4. Rich shared the Library’s concerns and the need to reconcile.
  5. FCLA is working on the full data test load, then indexing.
  6. We still have not seen subset loads. Should be visible by the end of this week. They seem to be stuck on authority setup and indexing.
  7. The earliest possible production date is the beginning of July. This is all very tentative.
  8. The original plan was to have the full load available for review by December. That didn’t happen.
  9. We’re hopeful, but there are concerns. There’s no value to push forward on a date – we only want to move when ready – when all the pieces are in place.
  10. The tentative time frame depends on the success of the piece being applied against the production and full load.
  11. The order deadline in NOTIS for Acquisitions is tomorrow. We will continue in NOTIS until the actual switch in May.
  12. It will become more complex if the switch happens in the middle of the fiscal year. July would be better.
  13. Branch training? Ex Libris schedule of functional training of our trainers has not changed: late March (Serials and Course Reserves), one day.
  14. They are working on a reduced forum of the Ex Libris training for us – aiming to create an initial ALEPH 101 course for all staff.
  15. The client is downloadable. There is a Web guide for functional training.
  16. Cross modular training – figuring out how to do the things we do in NOTIS in ALEPH. They are putting together a curriculum – a basic introduction – to try and provide a bigger window to better training.
  17. Circulation function training was in January. There is a concern about how to keep all of that previously learned information fresh.
  18. Web version – what users and staff will see – this is a challenge for FCLA. It will be very different from WebLuis.
  19. They are aiming for the week of March 17 to provide something for the subcommittee to review at what point it makes sense to introduce FCLA’s modifications.
  20. Will send an update out to all staff. Want to do local training in small batches. 1-3 hour chunks with lots of opportunity.
  21. The switch to productivity means everything – a cold switch. Cataloging will freeze prior, then circulation, etc. will all occur on the same day.
  22. May 12 was an optimal date. The circulation system has to be down 2-3 days.
  23. NOTIS access will still exist for years – at least while other state libraries have not yet switched over.
  24. Most Ex Libris productions have not met their originally scheduled switch over dates.
  25. The migration of the FCLA data is working nicely. FCLA has a good handle on the data.

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