MMM Minutes 06/05/03

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
June 5, 2003

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, Erika Hirsch, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
North American ALEPH Users
  1. Martha Hruska and Betsy Simpson attended a meeting of North American ALEPH users at the University of Iowa.
  2. ALEPH reps from the US and Israel were there.
  3. They gave a Version 16 overview. Harvard is currently beta-testing it. Testing should be finished by Labor Day and they expect to release it by the winter of ’04.
  4. There are significant functionality features in Version 16 that we could use: Acquisitions and Serials are combined into 1 client, search is not separate, you can browse in cataloging, uses HTML templates, can place a hold on items at the title level, ALEPH keyboard is no longer floating, and it is a parallel indexing version.
  5. Martha thinks this version is worth considering due to the features/enhancements.
  6. Discussion ensues regarding the fact that Version 15 is not even working yet, so how can we rely on the fact that 16 will function?
  7. Martha notes that this is an Israeli programming project. They are in the process of getting expertise to the US ALEPH staff so they can, in turn, train the Universities that will be using it. There is a learning curb.
  8. If we decide to go with Version 16, we would not be able to meet the May ’04 starting date.
  9. ALEPH issues patch releases all the time, anyhow. We would prefer annual upgrades – that way we could implement them in the summer and let the staff get used to them.
  10. They ALEPH staff said that they want to improve the development cycle. They sold their system to a lot of customers recently – now the challenge is to provide the training for it. They are holding an international meeting in September to finalize the development cycle.
  11. We could make a trade off: maybe no implementation in May ’04, rather make it June. The functionality of Version 16 is worth looking at.
  12. The ALEPH developers need to know that their competition can do upgrades in a day or two without shutting down the system. ALEPH has no upgrade path.
  13. Martha notes that in Iowa on Monday, it was 53 degrees and raining.
E Shares
  1. E Shares are changing hands again. What’ s happening is unknown.
Security Policy
  1. Acceptable Use & UF Security Policy – ITAC passed it, the policies are now UF policy.
  2. The chief regulation that will affect us is that no non-IT people are supposed to be working on equipment. It has to be in their job description. They want only responsible parties involved.
  3. This would eliminate OPS personnel. They should not be doing any computer maintenance work.
  4. Under no circumstances is it permissible to give your password to anyone. Anyone signed in on your ID is you, as far as responsibility goes.
  5. They are getting serious about these regulations.
  6. No non-IT people should be installing hardware or software or have administrative access.
  7. Everyone agrees that this is a better way to do things. It is a bad idea to have part-time staff doing administrative functions.
  8. Accordingly, we will start changing the local admin password in each individual area every three months.
  9. Individual units will change the password and then notify Systems to the current one.
  10. No students should ever have an admin password. Liaisons are all in the admin group.
  11. This policy is an edict from above. Through compliance we can maintain local flexibility and autonomy.
  12. Units need to be careful – in situations where they’ve hired new staff and they have not received their own networking accounts – they should not be letting them sign on using another users account.
  13. It is not the responsibility of the hiring party to inform Systems of a new hire (either student assistants or staff).
  14. Library Human Resources has the duty to inform Systems. Systems will then contact the hiring supervisor to determine what type of computer access the new person requires.
  15. Dean’s Menu access cannot be requested until the person has been added to the UF Payroll.
  16. All student IDs expire at the end of each semester. Notification is sent out to Middle Managers towards the end of the semester, requesting notification as to which users need to be renewed for the following term.
  17. When a full time employee leaves, Library Human Resources notifies Systems and they will immediately cut off their networking account. We can leave their email account active for a few weeks after departure, if necessary. Their mailbox can be made accessible to other staff during the interval between hires.
  18. Most damage to corporations comes from inside hackers. Our policies may sound draconian, but they are lax compared to the rest of the world.

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