MMM Minutes 03/04/04

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
March 4, 2004

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska. Iona Malanchuk, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Pat Reakes, Carol Turner
  1. We are still experiencing the same plagues, but more people are simultaneously releasing them and they are more cleverly crafted - more literate in composition.
  2. The most recent malware making the rounds looks like it was sent by an authority on computers - who wants you to open an attached zip file. It gives you a password to use and when you open the zip files, the virus is released.
  3. As we step up our scanning efforts, they come up with ways to get around the checkers. A zip file is encrypted, so the virus can’t be seen in the scan.
  4. The Libraries do not allow zip files to be sent via email. Your desktop scanner should catch it, if a virus somehow got through.
  5. We are doing well, with the exception of the number of deletes that we have to do at the server level.
  6. If you receive anything suspicious, contact Systems.
  7. Excel attachments can be a possible threat – anything from the Office product suite will pass - it is always best not to send attachments via email. Set up the information in the form of a Web page - then send the URL via email. It also helps keep large files from clogging your Inbox.
  8. Internal mail – lots of people like to send screen prints or PDF files – this results in mass mail overloads. Use URLs – they don’t have to be on a public page.
New Machines
  1. We have ordered 50 new headless Dells (no monitors) – saving money.
  2. These will be new towers – smaller sized like in the classroom. They are fast, lots of disk and memory space – with no floppy drive. Instead, they have a key fob with 64M of storage.
  3. Floppy drives are rarely used anymore; there are plenty of them available if needed.
  4. Key fob storage for staff machines only.
  5. These machines are small – could be lost or stolen easily.
  6. These will be replacing out-of-warranty machines. The oldest machines will go first.
  7. Machines will no longer be shipping with Win2K after this month. These will be XP Professional. The difference is not too bad – nothing like the conversion from Win98 to 2K.
  8. The next MS system – Longhorn – is due out in 2006. We will not perform any wholesale upgrade to XP (they’ve already got an upgrade to XP – XP Reloaded- scheduled before the Longhorn release). We’ll do incremental installs and see where we’re at in 2006.
  9. This has no implication on the virus scan or inventory software.
  10. We already have a few multi-media machines with XP.
Power Outage
  1. There is a 2-hour power outage scheduled for Library East this Sunday.
  2. This will affect all services provided out of East: Web, mail, SQL.
  3. This will be the Sunday before Spring Break. MSL will be open 1-5PM. Hopefully everything will be back up by 1PM.
  4. The last time we had a power outage, there was trouble getting the power back up. The time before that, the power outage never even happened. We haven’t even been informed why the outage is necessary.
  5. We’ll bring down all of our systems right before 8AM and bring them back up just before 10AM. MSL – public printing – the Xerox print server is housed in this building. Sometimes the print receiving stations do not come back up after an outage.

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Last updated March 9, 2004
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