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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
May 5, 2005

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Gary Cornwell, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, Martha Hruska, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck
Personnel Office
  1. Jill Skotko has been appointed Interim Library HR Officer.
  2. Joe is head of the search committee and has been receiving applications from all over. There is quite a large pool. Today is Denise's last day in HR.
  3. Joe will accept emails regarding the qualities being looked for the person in this position.
Computer Shuffle
  1. Replacing public machines with old stuff. Pressing to get the new machines out - rotating on which machines will be surveyed.
  2. Bobbie will manage requests for public machine replacements. This is not an open-door invitation to replace all public machines - only those which are troublesome.
Office 2003
  1. Individual piece, not a suite. Install at your own risk. Will be made available for download on the server today. If you experience problems, uninstall it and wait.
  2. Office 2003 will not be installed on new machines. Public Services will go with Office 2000 until the fall.
  3. Martha is suggesting that any of her people can migrate to Office 2003.
  4. The download comes in five pieces: Outlook, Access, Word, Exchange and PowerPoint. The Publisher download is not available.
  5. Bill played with Outlook 2003 - the interface is very different, probably more efficient. It has an XP look to it. Bill notes that these migrations are never painless.
Web Server
  1. Will found a problem with it yesterday.
  2. The long-range plan is to migrate to a new server.
  3. We are requesting that old, inactive material be removed. Our server is low on space.
  4. Tom notes that some people are backing up hard drives to the Web server. Bill notes that it is easier to do there. We cannot buy enough space to copy hard drives to. Tom notes that it's not private - it's public reading.
  5. Backup exec - backup software for the Web server - Will's baby - backed up the server, but could not restore information. Confidence is now lacking. We've decided to go with large individual backup disks. This is partially working.
Campus Security Agreement
  1. Agreement went public recently. Bill Covey is part author.
  2. Status: undergoing editing at Tigert Hall. Expected to be in place by July 5. Some exceptions have been issued over the past month.
  3. You can page through different aspects of it on the OIT Web site.
  4. Business Recovery Plan - everyone must be in compliance. Must declare essential services (business critical). Can reserve the right to pull staff off the network.
  5. Web server, BBS - may want to rethink - money, space and hot backups.
  6. We should be reasonably close to being in compliance.
  7. PeopleSoft backups - unknown. Changing and scrambled - may not be backed up - double encrypted.
Firefox Update
  1. Update to 1.03 - all should be there now.
  2. Will suggests that everyone use Firefox whenever they can. There are a few sites that won't work with Firefox. Find on page function is good, slow on opening. Should be the default on public machines.
Email outage
  1. Decided to upgrade NT2 to W2K because of announced NT4.0 vulnerabilities. It would not install W2K, tried five times, had to revert to NT4.0 - that's when multiple hardware failures occurred. Will remembered an old trick - MS loopback adapter - at that point NT4.0 went in fine. Got it configured with Bill's help. There were issues with removing, reading and permission. Right now we're back to where we were.
  2. Ramifications - faster response. Home use Web mail requires Smatherlib domain now. Web mail access is working again; it was out Sunday, back on Monday.
  1. Problem of DHCP not working.
  2. MSL cleaning crews were tripping breakers left & right. Bill notes that older buildings are underpowered. There was a report of the Com closet being left open. Please notify Will Chaney if this occurs.
  3. All workstations will be going to DHCP. Bill notes single point of failure. It does enhance security.
  4. VOIP DHCP is being installed in MSL - they have not actually switched over.
  5. VOIP on campus phones requires power - get it from data equipment. Will be replacing switches with the new type.
Public Services/Liaisons
  1. Kudos to Geoffrey - new model security - lock down, but patrons have good access.
  2. Office 2003 - any items in the basic suite need to be purchased - Publisher.
  3. WebCT is problematic in MSL - Bill says it may be the Squid server
  4. Geoffrey states that the look on every public machine may be different, but the apps will be uniform.
  5. Proxy server will go away - MSL is rebuilding. In approximately two weeks, the proxy could go away. We could possibly request that it not be removed yet.
  6. Bill fully anticipates more security instances may be used as attack BOTs. The trade off is worth it
  7. The price is not hardware - can still hook it to person, but it can fry the hardware. It may not happen; DHCP and IP may screen some of that off.
  8. Physical security - the new Dell Form Factor can readily fit into a backpack. Bill says that the furniture guys could obtain locks, cables or anchor bolts. So far, no one is willing to do it.
  1. Interior design for West - mini CPUs to be mounted under tables.
  2. Gary Cornwell will request the number of headphones and USB cables for the public machines.
  3. West will be getting all new machines. Only Small Form Factors will fit. The amount varies between 85-350.
  4. Data and power are where it should be in West. CAD drawings not received yet. Provisions have been made for some floor cuts. Network wiring in place in West in trays.
  5. Classroom - double layer of AC conduit - ceiling will be low enough for Gary to touch. Question about projectors - how high up the projector can go. There are no electronic distribution panels in there now. USB cables - will be figured out next meeting. Martha notes: must be purchased by the end of the fiscal year.


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