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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
July 7, 2005

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Michelle Crump, Trudi DiTrolio, Carol Drum, Leilani Freund, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Iona Malunchuk, Peter McKay, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Richard Phillips, Colleen Seale, Doug Smith, Carol Turner, Ben Walker
Cataloging and Metadata Implementing New System
  1. Guest speaker, Doug Smith, attended the meeting to give an overview of the new system used by Cataloging and Metadata when a new book arrives.
  2. They are using two services:
    PromptCat - receives records directly from OCLC. Provides an improvement in the quality of record.
    BibRecord - when a record is enhanced, it overlays the updated information for the existing record. General consensus at ALA was that records are updated in 3-4 weeks.
  3. Problems with this new system are generally infrequent. The Cataloging and Metadata department is not trying to pass on work to Public Services. They will continue to review records through August.
  4. This new system only applies to shelf-ready material.
  5. Doug distributed a handout listing potential errors that may occur with the new system and instructions for handling them.
  6. It is uncertain how much extra work this will cause for the Public Services staff. It should be Technical Services responsibility if these problems keep occurring. May need to revisit. Will monitor.
  7. The checklist regarding the errors to be on the lookout for is useful. If found, inform Copy Cataloging.
  8. Rich notes that it seems like minimal impact. Public Services must check books anyhow.
  9. PromptCat records have only been in use for about two weeks. They are trying to get to the point where they are not finding too many errors before they ship the books out to the branches.
  10. Books with errors that need to be returned can be addressed to Doug Smith. For problems to be discussed and corrected: use the CatProblems mailbox.
Systems Events
  1. Will is out on vacation, so Bill Covey has been conducting this meeting. Winston Harris is here to comment on what's going on in Systems.
  2. We've received two pieces of the Greenstone server - the developmental and production sides. We are currently loading the second and third version for DLC. Greenstone is a software platform design to allow the user to page through the collection. It is the most popular open- source program used around the world today. We will be using it for the Institutional Repository. Version 2 has been out for a while. It has some unattractive features - it is not customizable. Version 3 solves these problems, but introduces others. There are new cuts of it released everyday - it is very much in motion. Our two programmers are looking at it to see what they can do. It is not anywhere near ready - no target date available. May need to adjust expectations.
  3. The replacement Exchange server has been received; we're just waiting for the Dell installation crew.
  4. Trouble tickets - NO e-mail chains; try to provide a synopsis of what users have told you if multiple users involved.
  5. Public computer lock downs - Systems tech has been testing DeepFreeze. It does have its drawbacks. Public Services is awaiting review. Leilani sent Will and Geoffrey two documents accessing where they need it and what specs they would like. Geoffrey needs a specific document. Need to discuss DeepFreeze and the way we currently have it set up. The current desire is to make it more personal, but that opens up security issues. May need to change the parameters of the design of what we want to do.
  6. Different versions of Outlook - 2000 & 2003 - some applications are not common to both: calendars, Excel. If sharing, must make sure all involved are using the same version.
Middle Managers Meeting Content
  1. Middle Managers meetings were originally created as a backup for LMG. LMG was replaced by Library Council.
  2. Middle Managers - membership is mostly management below the Director level. Historically, meeting topics have been dominated by Systems announcements. Should we expand on the function? Usually, the answer is no. Should we repurpose to continue to do more or continue as is?
  3. It is helpful to get the Systems updates. We could use it as a better way to share issues. It could be an opportunity for round robin sharing and we could change who chairs each time.
  4. The time slot is carved out and should probably be kept as is.
  5. Library Council does not have a mechanism for reports. The Steering Committees sometime share different, broader information.
  6. We would need to appoint people to represent the various areas each time we meet. Could review the membership of the Middle Managers group.
  7. We do call out for agenda items, but there is normally not an overwhelming response.
  8. We've kind of lost cross-divisional interaction.
  9. If it is the will of the group that each department has someone chair each time - rotating who is in charge will be fine.
  10. Right now, we don't meet unless it is needed and an agenda has been submitted.
  11. How to evolve it? There are issues that can be raised and announced in advance. We could set a deadline of 5PM Wednesday before the meeting.
  12. Chair rotation is too confusing. Is it the lure of exalted power? Let's keep Will as the chair and send topics to be covered directly to him.
Disaster Planning
  1. Preservation needs to know in advance which departmental collection is a priority to be salvaged in the case of water damage.
Southtrust/Wachovia Bank
  1. SouthTrust bank - bought out by Wachovia. Iona received a letter (snail mail) saying they have dropped direct deposit. You are required to fill out the forms to reinstate it all over again.
  2. Sounds a bit suspicious; need to verify that this is legit. Seems like UF HR would make an announcement.


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