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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
August 4, 2005

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Leilani Freund, Martha Hruska, Peter McKay, Cathy Mook, Richard Phillips, Patrick Reakes, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Priscilla Williams
Three Top Library Goals (Systems)
  1. Consistent interface on public computers - Geoffrey has been on lock-down, working on this. It has now been installed and is being tested in Documents. We've tried to simplify it, but there are a number of steps involved. Hopefully, we can have a small example at each branch for testing by the beginning of the fall semester.
  2. Internal AD - we've got a quote in process to Dell. Hope to get it rolling next week. It will be a tight window of time. There is a possibility of down time. If it will be lengthy, we will schedule it for the nighttime hours. AD benefits: workstation security, lockdown groups by function, help with single sign-on for users, ability to push software to workstations and it will get us to the point where we can join the campus AD tree. Eventually, our sign-on will be Gatorlink. The Web and Exchange servers will also be migrated to AD. We have the new Exchange server hardware set up and ready to go.
  3. Tivoli - backup service provided by CNS. We just need to install the client and move everything. It will perform an incremental backup everybay. There is a fee: $1 per day per MB of storage. $1 per day per each file change.
Dell Paperwork and Returns
  1. We are not getting the paperwork back from machines that the new Dells are replacing. The old ones are not being turned in for survey or reuse. Only 7 of 77 have been returned. We need to be informed of equipment moves.
Upgrade to WinXP
  1. We are encouraging users to upgrade to WinXP, in both staff and public machines. In almost all cases, you want to do a fresh install. Upgrades prove to be problematic. When you have the time, upgrade to WinXP. It is more secure.
  2. Office 2003 - do this upgrade as well. Remember, if people are sharing files, they all need to be on the same version.
Faulty Computer Batch
  1. There is a batch of Dell GX270's that are faulty - they have bad capacitors that cause lock ups/error messages/memory fault. We will show the liaisons what the bad capacitors look like in the machines so they can identify them in advance and we can place a call to Dell for repair. Motherboards will have to be replaced.
  1. Making progress. The imaged collection is getting loaded. The text collection is being refines. We are getting there.
Disaster Planning
  1. John in Preservation has received maps detailing intellectual and physical space in relation to flood potential. Cathy is coordinating a list - departments will need to confirm.
  2. Hopefully, people have been thinking about salvage priority in terms of collections.
  3. Rob Roberts is working on Emergency Contact cards.


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