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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
September 1, 2005

Present: Shelley Arlen, Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Tom Caswell, Pam Cenzer, Will Chaney, Michelle Crump, Carol Drum, Michelle Foss, Leilani Freund, Martha Hruska, Brian Keith, Iona Malunchuk, Peter McKay, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck
  1. Denise inquires as to why they had to manually update every machine (staff and public) during the last round of updates.
  2. Normally, our automatic update will do it within 24 hours, however, with the last worm attach, it was bad enough to have to do the updates immediately.
  3. Unfortunately, our automatic update server got bit by the worm, which is why updates weren't pushed (it had to be removed from the network).
  4. The good news is that server will be updated with the AD migration. It could still happen again.
  5. Could part of the problem been the need to update the MS Software Update software itself? Perhaps.
  6. AD will allow us to push updates from our server directly to workstations. Hopefully, this situation will improve.
New Liaison Orientation?
  1. Nothing planned for the near future.
  2. Will suggests that newly appointed liaisons review the documents on the Liaison section of the Systems Web page. If they feel up-to-speed with those, they can always pick up a NetG course online.
  3. Other than that, there is no formal orientation on the horizon at this time.
  4. If there a few liaisons that would like to meet with us one-on-one for information, they can call us in Systems, and we can set up a meeting time.
  5. Suggestion was brought up that maybe current liaison could help out new ones by providing/sharing information. Suggestion group name: System Liaison User Group (SLUG). Humor prevails.
Faculty Notices
  1. Carol Drum reports that Faculty Notices went out recently with a due date posted of April 1, 2005. That first line is wrong, although the information further down is correct. You may be hearing from irate faculty members about this matter.
FCLA Money
  1. We now know that the amount of money we will get this year from FCLA will be exactly the same as last.
  2. We have allocated roughly half of it ($150,000) for new equipment purchases for West public area.
  3. The AD migration is also funded with the FCLA money, as well as software and security for the public machines.
  4. We will not have much money left for staff machines. Just want to make sure what our priorities are so expectations can be adjusted accordingly.
  5. MSL L107 machines will go to West.
  6. Will notes there is an additional charge forthcoming with the AD migration - we have to upgrade the Exchange server software. A quote is currently on its way.
AD Migration
  1. September 12 is the scheduled start date.
  2. They will first evaluate our hardware/software/networking set up. If our environment fits the criteria, they will start moving all of our 4.0 servers to 2003.
  3. 2000 servers will remain as is, but will be added to AD.
  4. There may be times of disruption and server restarts. It is probably not a good time to schedule critical activity for the second-third week of September. Approximately September 17-23.
  5. Anytime we can give advance notification of upcoming outages, we will do so.
  6. We will also be migrating the Web server. SQL and Exchange servers will also be migrated. Should go smoothly, but you never know.
Server Space
  1. Space on NT2R is filling up fast. People have been backing up their entire C: drive to the server.
  2. Please backup critical data only.
Tivoli Backup
  1. The transition is underway to shifting to the new back up server, Tivoli. Eventually, it will automatically update each workstation.
  2. It will have to back up everything on a workstation initially, then backup any change in data that is made each day.
  3. When will Tivoli be available? We have two people now trained to install it. The procedure is to put it on a sample of machines for two months to get an idea of what the charges will be. It is currently installed on three machines.
  4. If Tivoli works as planned, NT2R could be used for something else. It is old, however, and no longer supported by Dell. Initially it will not disappear. Joe notes that Documents and DLC use NT2R to transfer large files.
Veritas BackUp Exec
  1. There was a vulnerability in the version of BackUp Exec that we were running.
  2. We installed a trial version of the latest version, but it is giving lots of errors with the daily and weekly backups.
  3. Lots of the errors Will is able to find and fix. A lot of the data is backed up, even though it is showing errors.
Computer/Paperwork Returns
  1. People that have not complied will make it on a list that will be turned over to one of the Directors. She is going to take it into her hands to make sure departments get on the ball and send their machines and paperwork, as specified.
  1. We are recommending fresh installs. Upgrades are doable, but fresh installs are better. Machines will perform better in the long run.
Mailbox Size
  1. We are hearing a lot of requests for more email space. We are currently using NT4.0 and 25MB is the maximum space we can allow.
  2. The solution to this problem is to create a personal folder. In Exchange, if you go to the Help Menu, it explains how to make a personal folder on the server. If you need assistance, call Systems.
Salvage Priority Documentation
  1. In light of hurricane Katrina, Cathy Mook brings up the importance of salvage priority documentation. Preservation is currently working with AFA & Ed on a form to list the call number ranges that have top salvage priority.
Emergency Numbers
  1. The emergency contact number for Will Chaney should be: 258-2060.
  2. On the emergency contact list, Bill and Cathy's phone numbers are transposed.
  3. Facilities is currently correcting/redoing the list.


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