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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
March 2, 2006

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Leilani Freund, Martha Hruska, Brian Keith, Iona Malunchuk, Peter McKay, Cathy Martyniak, Tom Minton, Barbara Oliver, Patrick Reakes, Jana Ronan, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner
ALEPH Outage
  1. ALEPH outage reported last night around 7:16 PM. Jana confirms that ALEPH was up and down from 6-9PM last night.
  2. Rich points out that nothing was sent to the FCLA list about the matter. The staff needs to have access to the list in order to report such outages during off-hours.
West Computers
  1. Barbara Oliver is pressed to get the order in for the high-end computers for West.
  2. Leilani said the most recent spreadsheet that she sent to Will is not the finalized version, but it is close.
  3. Digital Worlds is definitely being considered for the high-end software. We are even considering using it in locations other than West.
  4. Trudi's Classroom area is about ready to order. The bid info resulted in a bit of sticker shock, but there is some redundancy with the quote.
  5. Questions arise about support of high-end computers/software by Public Services. They will really only be responsible for the basics. Digital Worlds has offered training. Lots of opinions were offered up on this topic. It was decided that this is not exactly the right forum for this discussion - PSC would be better suited.
Liaison Permissions
  1. Liaison permissions to add/remove machines from the domain - we figured out how to allow them to do it, but, unfortunately it gives them too much permission while working on their machines.
  2. We are working on it, but for now they will still have to request that Systems does the add/remove.
Windows VISTA
  1. Microsoft's new operating system, VISTA, will be released this year. UF is being offered an early view of it - for about 10-15 machines on campus. This would be the testing version.
  2. The beta version will be released in April. At that point it will be moved to even more machines on campus.
  3. The Libraries will have a shot to get it in October. We can pretty much look forward to a work-wide upgrade to VISTA by spring of next year.
  1. WebCT/Vista claim they have found the problem: the license for UF was for only 200 users. Thousands were accessing. It has now been change to an unlimited license.
  2. Another problem turned out to be that JAVA had been updated to a version not approved by Vista. It will only work when running an older version of JAVA. This issue still exists - they suggest that you do not run automatic JAVA updates.


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