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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
April 6, 2006

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Trudi DiTrolio, John Freund, Leilani Freund, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Brian Keith, Ann Lindell, Peter McKay, Tom Minton, Jana Ronan, Trish Ruwell, Betsy Simpson, Carol Turner, Ben Walker
  1. Winston Harris is conducting this meeting today as Will Chaney is on vacation.
IT Reorganization
  1. CIO - Mark Hoit is the interim CIO. IT service will be consolidated under that position.
  2. The initial plan is to integrate services: email, maybe Web.
  3. Databases would probably not be a part of it - they are too unique.
  4. Personnel to Bridges?
SQL Server 2005 Enterprise
  1. We are getting ready to install new software for the SQL server.
  2. Verify Patron will not move, but everything else on public computers will move to the new server. Response should greatly improve.
  3. We have about 50-60 databases on the SQL server - mostly in the DLC and Special Collections. UFDC, ARIEL, Maps databases, Baldwin, ILLIAD - are all currently on SQL.
JPEG 2000 Server
  1. New JPEG 2000 Server has been added for DLC. It should provide a 20-30% improvement in compression - scalable compression.
  2. The software was just installed and ready to demo. It loads fast and the compression is good.
ILLIAD and Docutek
  1. The plan is to move these applications off our servers to the vendors for hosting.
  2. This way, there would be more support.
  3. ILLIAD is a big one - it has lots of issues everyday. Between Atlas and OCLC, there should be better service all around.
Proposed: Public Services Technical Coordinator
  1. This new position is being proposed as one that would report to Systems, but handle technical issues with the public machines.
  2. The position description is currently being formulated. Next, it goes to the Directors for approval. Hoping it will go fairly quickly.
  3. Duties to include: communication between Systems and Public Services, developing ongoing training programs for liaisons, troubleshooting public computers, etc. About 75% of the work would be IT, the remaining 25%, Public Services.
  4. Library Council also discussed an overall liaison program review. Technical training for liaisons is an issue, as is the concept of decentralizing. IT - want to tighten it up: coordinating more access to routine training.
Needs Assessment
  1. Survey to be dispersed within the next two weeks regarding training needs within the organization.
  2. End-user stuff: Publisher, WORD, Excel, etc.
  3. Not intended for core users.
  4. This related to staff development (Personnel).
Campus IT Meeting
  1. Evaluation of VISTA (next version of Windows). It is being divided into tiers: everything people use vs. other in-house applications.
Soft-Launch UFDC this Week
  1. We are still working on this project.
  2. Uses Greenstone software - lots of nice interface.
  3. It is a very collaborative effort.
  4. Will work on text highlighting next.
  5. Links are in the catalog.


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