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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
August 3, 2006

Present: Shelley Arlen, Tom Caswell, Will Chaney, Pam Cenzer, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Trudi DiTrolio, Lori Driscoll, Leilani Freund, Cathy Martyniak, Hesham Monsef, Amy Polk, Jana Ronan, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson
  1. Amy Polk was introduced to the group. She is the new Public Services Technical Coordinator.
  2. Grant Training - Dale has assigned more money - Cathy Martyniak passed around some handouts and applications (total of 3 pages). Up to $5000 can be allocated. Need to justify it by explaining how it supports the Library mission. Could use it to hire OPS, purchase computers and software. There is a mini grant Web site that has been created. The deadline to have all of the paperwork in is: September 29. Similar to a real grant. Cost-share - you have to kick-in some of your own funds. 10% of these mini-grants can come from salary. Kelly and Cathy will present an overview for anyone that is interested.
  3. Middle Managers will be open to Library-wide topics - not just Systems-based. Please send any topics to Will or feel free to introduce then during the meeting.
  4. West opening - a great success. Everyone was impressed - lots of people showed up. Food was kept to a minimum. High-end workstations - last minute change (we were going to wait to have them ready) Amy and Bobbie worked overtime to get functional. Media Tech - should be here to work on the classrooms and staff training room Aug 11-20.
  5. Training session for Systems Liaisons - Amy is trying to get a handle on the knowledge level of people in the positions: how basic - how broad. Initially, we considered creating a survey for the liaisons to get an idea as to the scope of their knowledge. Amy will review the current liaison program and concentrate on making incentives and training opportunities. A training database would help to track knowledge levels. We would prefer someone in the position of liaison who would want to do it. We may consider categorizing specific levels of liaisons. Will keep all of this in mind for the next few months and do a refresher on the basics. Liaison activities are supposed to be 10% of the job. There are a few that do more like 75-100%.
  6. List of active ports in Library East - we need to identify ports that are currently in use. We will ask the liaisons to do this. Library East, only. CNS will be taking over soon. Ports not in use will be deactivated.
  7. Equipment requests - we ask that everyone consider the budget when requesting equipment.
  8. Yesterday's network outage - rm 10 - all of Systems - the heavy-duty flooring machines they were using in there blew a breaker. The lights and the server room power was on, but the AC went down. It got very hot in the server room - there are 31 servers in there - almost had to take them down because they were about to overheat. Thankfully, PPD got the power back up just in time.
  9. Reminder: do not allow students to sign on to machines using your networking sign-on. You will be responsible for any action they take using your account.
  10. Card swipes for West - everyone should use the front door as the entrance (no swipe required during regular business hours).
  11. Town Meeting - next one will be discussing the services offered in West. Will also discuss mail and phones.
  12. ILL - patron pickup in MSL until August 11, then it moves to Library West.


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