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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
December 7, 2006

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Michelle Crump, Trudi DiTrolio, Iona Malanchuk, Lori Driscoll, Brian Keith, Cathy Martyniak, Tom Minton, Amy Polk, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Rita Smith, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Ben Walker
Employee Recognition Committee
  1. Betsy Simpson briefs us on this committee which formed this summer.
  2. Members include: Betsy, Brett Diaz, Brian Keith, Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Lourdes Santamaria and Peter McKay.
  3. The agenda of the committee is to lift the moral of all Library employees.
  4. Holiday Planning Committee - parties will be next week.
  5. West Convocation Planning Committee - will take place during the intercession after May graduation.
  6. Spring Staff Picnic - is also on the schedule.
  7. Service pin receptions - will be handed out during the convocation.
  8. Town Meeting - January 25 - will be devoted to employee recognition. We will also be using this opportunity to launch the $2000 Discretionary Recognition Fund. This will be linked to the Library Goals and Objectives. We are restricted as to what we can do with the funds. We are just starting to get the word out. There is a Web site to check for information.
  9. Employee Recognition has also been given a budget for retirement celebrations - $250 for a reception, $100 for a gift.
Liaison Training
  1. Proposal by Amy Polk to offer Liaison Training. She sent out an informal, email draft of the plan. Expectations: tiered, local computer support.
  2. Many liaisons are concerned about getting work credit for their liaison duties.
  3. We will need to know what the departmental expectations will be. The expectations from Systems are listed.
  4. Amy would like to create a quarterly evaluation, but she would need to know what the expectations are for the appropriate department. The input from these quarterly evaluations could be used in the yearly evaluations. Liaison position descriptions include at least 10% liaison duties.
  5. Public Services, at least, has been asking for a greater connection with Systems.
  6. We will create a module dealing with the installation of a basic library system.
  7. We need Middle managers to think about what they want their liaisons to be doing.
  8. We plan on adding the Liaison Training to the Training database.
  9. The Liaison Program was started in 1994 and the idea was to institutionalize it. It seems that upon hiring, there needs to be some basic level of computer expertise.
  10. Please look over Amy's draft and provide her with feedback.
ALEPH v.18
  1. FCLA - in August the old NOTIS was migrated to ALEPH v.15.5. The plan now is to upgrade to v.18. FCLA is doing all the background for versions 15-18.
  2. The timing of the upgrade has not yet been determined. UF will be the first to go.
  3. Could conflict with Acquisitions' year-end processing. They are going to begin upgrading the first week in May and continue through the summer. It will take one week per institution.
  4. It is unknown if the system will need to be down or if activity will need to be frozen while they do the upgrade.
  5. The alternative would be to wait until July 1st - Acquisitions would not be effected so badly.
  6. We are trying to get a handle on how it will impact us.
  7. FCLA is getting organized for training - trying to get clarification on issues and a basic understanding of the clients. Training documentation will be available online. It may be different for each institution.
  8. There was a test load of the UF database last week to get a timing of how long it will take to upgrade. Once the tables are migrated, we will be doing some testing (before the actual upgrade). There is a client available to look at the test data - it is not configured, but in the same system at least.
  9. The implication is that FCLA will have to maintain the tables in v.15.5 and the changes in v.18. We'll need to try and minimize the changes to v.15.5, as they will have to be made in both versions: dual maintenance.
  10. Circ client - changes - templates are going to be redone. May require more training. Permission interface is a STP forward.
  11. Another thing that is not clear: how ALEPH OPAC will change. It is currently in v. 15. Need to discuss OPAC in v. 18.
  12. Much of this is up in the air. There are issues with the amount of people that FCLA has available to work on it.
  13. We need to put these issues on our radar. The upgrade should not be as traumatic as the switch from NOTIS to ALEPH.
MS WORD Exploit
  1. Microsoft WORD has a new exploit - no patch available yet.
  2. The same general rules apply: do not open any WORD documents from an unknown source.
  3. Virus scans will not catch it.
  1. List of issues - working with them to resolve.
  2. We renewed with them last year for 3 more years - so we have 2 more to go.
Campus ITN Meeting
  1. Invitation to negotiate with vendors - desktops, laptops, servers - all at a 30% saving.
  2. We will still be able to order from whomever we want - this is just giving us another option at a lower price.
  3. HP, CDWG are onboard. Dell chose not to negotiate.


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