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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
February 1, 2007

Present: Shelley Arlen, Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Trudi DiTrolio, Iona Malanchuk, Lori Driscoll, Brian Keith, Paul Losch, Cathy Martyniak, Amy Polk, Patrick Reakes, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
East Room 100 Multi Media
  1. The room 100 multi-media configuration is up and running. Room reservations are to be made through Library Administration. The podium and microphone will be left on. A laptop can be plugged into the podium. No is key necessary for that configuration.
  2. To access the provided computer, DVD/VCR, or alternate microphones - a key is needed. Admin and Systems have keys. We are asking that the use of the key and possibility of having a Systems staff member available be requested 24 hours in advance via SYSHELP.
  3. There is only one power button, with the exception of the DVD player. It has to be turned on. The PC is in the cabinet.
  4. All options are available. Reserve the room via Admin and use SYSHELP if you need to use the media equipment. The room is listed in the global address book under Smathers Library Room 100.
  5. The East conference room setup is also complete. There is a wireless keyboard and mouse available for checkout. Again, you can reserve it via SYSHELP or via the calendar listing for Resource-Wireless East.
Verify Patron Testing
  1. Test scheduled for next Wednesday, Feb. 7 - 7-7:45AM. NT 4 will not be available. Failover servers should activate for those public machines that have the new version of Verify-Patron.
Daylight Savings Time Change
  1. The change for daylight savings time has been moved up this year. Microsoft products may not adjust very well - they are putting out updates and patches to try and get the change done correctly. We will send out emails when we know how we will push them. It is expected to adversely affect meetings scheduled on the Outlook calendars.
Email Hoaxes
  1. Please be aware of suspicious emails and do not click on the links or open attachments from anyone you do not know or from an unexpected sender. Liaisons will be asked to advise users in your departments as well.
  2. The most recent culprit was an email signed: user support team. Systems would never send out an email using that signature.
Liaison Training
  1. Amy Polk relays that the plans for the liaison training program are moving along nicely. If all goes as planned, the first week-long session will be offered Mid-February. This is still dependent on several things: space available, equipment available, scheduling.
  2. For an idea of what will be offered in this training, dubbed "Liaisons Boot Camp", look at: Proposed schedule is located at the bottom of the page.
  3. Once the Boot Camp is underway, Amy will be organizing and offering some monthly sessions on more advanced subjects.
Equipment Move Form
  1. A new E-form has been designed to replace the old hard copy of the Equipment Move Form. This form requires all of the same data as the paper one, but it automatically sends the information to Systems (Forms-to Mail).
  2. Located here:
ALEPH v. 18 Upgrade
  1. About a month ago, Rich sent out information about ALEPH v. 18 training. Has anyone looked into this yet? Betsy replies that they have gotten a group together to work on it. Circulation and Preservation have also started to tackle it.
  2. FCLA has a link to training on their site. We'll soon have to start coordinating the training.
  3. The move to v. 18 is scheduled for late July.
  4. Indecca after the upgrade? SUL Library Directors have announced that it will become the primary OPAC. When each institution converts to ALEPH v. 18, they will be ready to switch to Indecca. There is still a lot of functional work to be done on Indecca.
  5. Will the switch to ALEPH 18 fix the ALEPH print demon problems on public machines? Right now, we are forced to stay on Win2K for the print demon. Rich will check on this.
Windows VISTA
  1. New PCs incoming will have Windows Vista. We currently have 200 machines that are out of warranty. Will has asked that these be replaced. We will probably upgrade these staff machines closer to the summer.
  2. Currently, Bridges/PeopleSoft do not support the new version.
Instruction and Training Database
  1. Trudi announces the new Instruction and Training Statistics Database:
  2. All of the training sessions for the stadium as well as the Libraries are listed.
  3. Course offerings upcoming. Encourage staff to sign up.
  4. Please take a look at the site and send any suggestions to Trudi. Trudi commends the Systems programmers who developed the database.
  5. We will eventually be able to develop reports from it. Can be used in employee evaluations.
  6. It also tracks who conducted the training.
  1. Payroll errors and time error entries - emails forthcoming regarding chronic issues and new twists. Incidences of underpay - time not approved or employee did not enter. Employees need to check to make sure their time has been approved. No emergency checks will be cut if the total is 20% less than the total pay (16 hours). You have to wait for the following pay period.
  2. Performance Management Initiative - participation is mandatory. New sessions upcoming. Evaluations can now be conducted via email. Please tell Brian if anyone is going to score below or minimum achieves.
  3. Exempt (formerly known as A&P) are still using the narrative form.
  4. Re-classification status - ongoing. Positions are mapped and went to the Directors. Waiting on UF Class& Comp. Will there be any element of career development? We are trying to work with UF HR.
Town Meeting February 22, 2007
  1. Betsy ask you encourage all staff to attend the Town Meeting on February 22 - employee recognition.


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