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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
March 1, 2007

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Steve Carrico, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Brian Keith, Cathy Martyniak, Amy Polk, Patrick Reakes, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Rita Smith, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Ben Walker
Daylight Savings Time Issues
  1. Microsoft realized their software products were in trouble due to the early shift of daylight savings time on March 11, 2007. The trouble first started during their first round of patches. Since then, the procedure has changed three times. Safe to say, calendar times/scheduling between the dates of March 11-April 1 will probably be inaccurate. This weekend we will run patches. Best bet is to double-check/verify times and include the time in the subject line of your reservation/invite. Don't correct any incorrect times on your calendar until Systems has finished patching. The errors may correct themselves.
NT9 Relocation
  1. The move went alright - mainly effected Preservation, DLC and printers. We physically moved it from the East north tower to the Systems server room. Right before the move, it choked on its tape. We have been unable to remove it. So, although the server has been relocated, we were unable to wipe it and restore it from back up. We will try again once the tape drives are repaired.
New Staff Machines
  1. 229 machines are going out of warranty. We are looking to replace them. The size of the monitors for the new order is currently under consideration. They will be ordered with WINXP and Office 2K3. No VISTA, although they will be VISTA capable.
  2. We won't be moving to VISTA until summer. Rich notes that ALEPH is not working with VISTA yet. By the end of March, ExLibris said they would address the issue. We will offer VISTA training for staff.
  3. Jan asks if the purchase of new public machines is under consideration. If new public machines are needed, it should be addressed to the Directors. There are constant freeze-ups in MSL. Bill notes that could be a USB drive on the motherboard problem - it is a known problem that affects both old and new machines. Our current policy is to use the old staff machines to replenish the ailing public machines. We'd have to take a real hard look at the economics of replacing public machines. We really cannot afford to replace them. Technically, UF does not support computer access. Students are responsible for their own access to computers.
Liaison Training
  1. Amy has created a Liaison Training program. It will start next week. Will asks for input as to whether or not is should be mandatory for all liaisons. Feedback is that most individual departments are making it mandatory. Best thing to do is to start training with the newest liaisons - to get them up to speed.
  1. People have been using some rather creative methods to get around using Syshelp. Please stop. Please submit all public problems to Syshelp. Amy will be made aware of the problems, but she won't necessarily be handling it - they most likely will get assigned to one of the repair techs. Also, please do not send chain emails to report a problem. Summarize the problem at the top of the email if it is absolutely necessary.
ALEPH v. 18
  1. Betsy Simpson and Rich Bennett attended an ALEPH v. 18 demo. They were using 19" and 24" monitors. It seems that 19" is considered standard for ALEPH users. We are waiting for FCLA to turn over version 18 so we can test/demo monitors. Of course, the quality of the picture depends on the resolution to which it is set.
  2. FCLA sent a message that ALEPH v. 18 full test load is now available. The data is the full database as of November 22, 2006. Upgrade to occur in March to make it even more current.
  3. We are scheduled to make the upgrade some time in July. The date has not been specified, but probably the weekend of the 14th or 21st.
Access Services
  1. Lori reports that Friday evening - after hours (6PM) Production went down. Need to remind staff that when that happens Circulation is not live. It looks like it is, but it's not. They need to go offline when that happens - use the manual circ mode.
  1. Performance Management Initiative - rite of spring. Evaluations are due to HR on March 26th. The evaluation training program was mandatory and compliance was good. We will be looking at the distributions for the period of March '06- March '07. If anyone anticipates a minimal achieve, please let HR know. We only had one last year. We are calling for accurate, consistent and fair evaluations. Beware the 'second year creep'. Last year was evenly distributed. We should not have 90% exceeds. In the past, the employee feedback was anchored in reality. Brian has been instructed to, once the evaluations are all complete, provide the evaluation outcome - looking at the rating distributions.
  2. Jan asks why the 'second year creep' is looked upon as negative. If goals were set and subsequently met the following year, why the warning? Brian's advice in this matter is to 'call it like you see it'. Exceeds should be equivalent to the best possible performance ever conceived for that position - hitting it out of the ballpark consistently. Doing a good job is represented by achieves. Neither should effect the funding of merit.


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