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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
May 3, 2007

Present: Shelley Arlen, Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Trudi DiTrolio, Carol Drum, Jason Fleming, John Freund, Leilani Freund, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Iona Malanchuk, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Carol Turner, Ben Walker
New Workstations
  1. Staff replacement machines are incoming - new ones are to be transferred and old ones returned. Old machines are to be upgraded and reissued to the public areas.
  2. When asked if departments can shuffle equipment around internally, Will said OK - just submit the appropriate paperwork.
  3. They are VISTA capable, although we will be using XP to start.
  4. Lori Driscoll has asked for a master list of the computers to be replaced.
  1. We will upgrade to VISTA and Office 2007 sometime this summer - probably around mid-July.
  2. We will have training sessions for staff, and then we will use SMS software to push the upgrade from the server.
  3. Office 2007 is very different.
  4. VISTA will be added to the training room laptops.
  5. We can't push VISTA until ALEPH v. 18 is verified compatible.
New Computer Vendor
  1. We are going to start using a new computer vendor: GovConnection.
  2. We will use them for our new server consolidation purchase.
  3. They also have some slick, personal laptops that staff may be interested in purchasing.
  1. Minor problems have been reported - mostly with the print queues.
  2. Second week of Summer A - Xerox will try to reinstall the patch.
  3. All public use will upgrade to a higher version of the PRS software.
  4. If it doesn't work, they will roll it back.
  5. We will continue to track problems via SYSHELP.
Liaison Training
  1. Early April - conducted. Feedback was positive.
  2. Let us know of any improvements to make.
  3. Reminder to report computer problems via SYSHELP, not directly to Systems staff. At this point, the reminder is seen as overkill; if there is a problem, direct it to the supervisor.
Web CT
  1. Carol Turner and Amy Polk attended the Web CT version of VISTA meeting.
  2. Imbedding Library information within the system - training is for professors - how to use the system.
  3. There is lots of opportunity for the Libraries - Web CT is heavily used.
  4. Music had a professor want to put part of our proprietary database up on her Web CT. Acquisitions & Licensing would have to look into the license agreement.
Plotter Printer - Docs
  1. Docs has a new plotter printer - for poster presentations. It prints faster with a wider range of colors.
  1. Tom sent out notification of the log-in page change. The Resource Navigation Committee has been working on it. Please send them any input.


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