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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
August 2, 2007

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Jim Cusick, Trudi DiTrolio, Lori Driscoll, Jason Fleming, Michelle Foss, Leilani Freund, John Ingram, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Ann Lindell, Cathy Martyniak, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Ben Walker
East Networking Upgrade
  1. CNS is preparing to take over East from the wall plate back and to install VOIP. August 11 they will work on the south tower - they will install new switches. This will affect the server room. Email, web mail - all servers - will be down. It is a Saturday during break week, so the Library will be closed. Outage will probably last 2-4 hours.
  2. The north tower upgrade will take place on August 18.
Exchange Server Problems
  1. There has been a rash of Exchange server problems in the last three weeks. We had what seems to be a reverse non-delivery report attack. Will has been working on it and as of now, this situation is better.
  2. We still have a small problem with cluster failover. Will worked on it late last night.
  3. Webmail/mobile device synch - there was a misconfiguration of the IIS on one of the clustered servers.
NT4 Outage
  1. Last weekend, the server running Verify Patron dropped off the network. It was in NT4, a very old server, and we could not locate a valid password for it. Finally, we purchased a password retrieval tool and were able to log on and get it back up and running.
  2. The Verify Patron failover worked on most machines, except some with the latest image - they could not connect because a database location had not been updated. We have a fix in place to have Deep Freeze connect it.
  3. We will run another Verify Patron failover test again by removing NT4. We should be able to do this prior to the beginning of fall semester. Amy will be the coordinator.
  1. Systems is requesting a current inventory of departmental equipment from the liaisons. We are trying to keep an accurate list.
  2. Shuffle - most public area machines have been distributed, except the smaller branches. Removal of old computers to start today. At first, survey had no more room - but now they do.
SAN Server
  1. Logan is working on it. He has it racked and installed, but not configured. He will be attending VM ware training next week.
Disaster Planning Committee
  1. Will Chaney, Rob Roberts, Brian Keith and Cathy Martyniak are the members.
  2. The content of guidelines has been approved and will be put on the Web.
  3. Each branch has a representative. The meeting will be expanded to include the different departments in order to get the info on disaster planning out.
ALEPH v.18
  1. Most things are working well after the upgrade. After the number of licenses was switched on Monday morning, things improved.
  2. Tech services to resume regular operations today.
  3. Rich sent out an email detailing where the report client can be downloaded.
  1. August 31 - download sabbatical applications.
  2. August 15 - Convocation - promises of chocolate fountains & celebrity jeopardy.
  3. Please keep your eyes peeled for an announcement from Kristy regarding OPS/Student hiring training session. Will probably be schedule for mid-August.
  4. Work permits for the fall semester are now available at Student Services.
  1. August 10-15 - ILLIAD will be down as we are converting from the 200 number to UFID.
  2. There is an announcement on the Library homepage as well as the ILLIAD page.
  3. Preservation and Course Reserve will still be able to use it. Winston created dummy numbers.


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