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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
February 7, 2008

Present: Shelley Arlen, Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Steve Carrico, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Michelle Crump, Jim Cusick, Lori Driscoll, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Michelle Foss, Leilani Freund, John Ingram, Brian Keith, Erich Kesse, Iona Malanchuk, Peter McKay, Amy Polk, Patrick Reakes, Betsy Simpson, Grace Strawn, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
Migration to Campus AD Email
  1. No timeframe for migration yet. There is a meeting scheduled later this month. Should have more information after that meeting.
SAN Structure
  1. SAN (Storage Attached Network) - we will be moving files/folders from NT2R to the SAN.
  2. Amy Polk gave a demo of the way we have the departmental structure set up on the SAN. It is not too differently from the structure on NT2R.
  3. There are some files that have not been touched since 2004. If they are not needed, we do not want to migrate them. Let us know if you have unwanted items on NT2R if you are unable to remove them yourself.
  4. We've created a Library Commons folder to be used for shared items - permissions could be set as needed for projects.
  5. When you log into the SAN it would go right to your user folder.
  6. We've only configured the top levels so far. We'd like to meet with departments to discuss their configuration.
  7. Time frame for migrating? We need the structure down first.
  8. Bill notes that some Web stuff could be affected by the migration - if a site has any links to NT2R.
  9. SAN also has an option to synch My Documents to the server. We are leaving it on the table as an option. This would eliminate the step of manually saving to the server. If you delete something, however, then it is gone. No capacity to back up - we only have a replicated copy at MSL. We will have a backup tape solution eventually.
Blogs & Wikis
  1. A policy for blogs and wikis is under construction. We are deciding whether we want it wide open or under control.
  2. We need some control in order to police inappropriate comments.
  3. Blog and wiki policy should be separated.
  4. Everyone would like to see the draft of the policy, so Will is going to distribute it when ready.
Laptop Loaner Program
  1. The damage warranty for the Library West loaner laptops was up in December - three years.
  2. During that period, we had a total of six damaged.
  3. We are trying to determine if we should drop the warranty and just replace them.
  4. There is a question about how many computers we need to supply for the public as many patrons will unplug our machine and try to hook up their own. We really don't have the funds for replacement. The question becomes: what is our role? If they could print from their own laptops, that would be huge.
  1. The Public Services chairs met to discuss where public service was in the new reorganization scheme. They've come up with a response and passed around an org chart they created.
  2. Jan received a response from Judy. It said that Sam Huang's duties are set and they are not going to change. Neither is ALF.
  3. Joe Aufmuth has spoken to Judy about forming a group to discuss the reorganization: Analysis Implementation Committee. Joe talked about the Faculty Senate meeting in April and the attempt to have a role in the reorganization.
  4. Leilani brought up the notion of centralized IT Support and how it would work within other departments.


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