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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
March 6, 2008

Present: Shelley Arlen, Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Steve Carrico, Tara Cataldo, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Jim Cusick, Jason Fleming, Leilani Freund, Brian Keith, Iona Malanchuk, Cathy Martyniak, Patrick Reakes, Colleen Seale, Grace Strawn, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
Reorganization Discussion
  1. Reorganization is the hot topic right now, so maybe we should seize the momentum and address some issues.
  2. The Library Web pages need to be simplified and made better, so they aren't so confusing. This is a possible outcome for Emerging Technologies. We are not moving towards Web 2.0 fast enough. Programmers need to make portal for our Web presence.
  3. LibGuides has been purchased. It formats for subject and course guides.
  4. We need a unified plan - either reallocate in-house people or designate a mission-critical position to fill.
  5. Org chart - of the future - or of what exists in the present? This is why we need a vision statement.
  6. Emerging technologies needs to become a priority. There needs to be a plan for technology. It may have to wait until the org chart is firmed up.
  7. Classification of IT positions - may want to re-evaluate: Library vs. IT. Need to focus on the span of the job. Attending Systems meeting seems crucial.
  8. Discussion of Facilities - why is it under IT? We are starting to depend more on campus Physical Plant for building maintenance, due to budget constraints.
  9. Some libraries have an Assistant to the Director position - a separate person to coordinate the different areas.
  10. New storage facility - will ALF be incorporated into it? The new facility will definitely be reporting to the Dean.
  11. Circ services - ILL reserves - need a home. Discussed, but no resolution.
New Mail Proposal (Campus Delivery)
  1. Rob Roberts is meeting with each individual unit to discuss the possibility of campus mail delivery.
  2. Each department would have their own, individual PO Box.
  3. We have negotiated with campus mail to have a central drop off and they would deliver to each department.
  4. The proposal would require address changes - which is seen to be especially problematic with vendors.
  5. This proposal has not yet been approved by the Directors.
Blog Policy
  1. The policy and procedures for blogs has been posted on the Systems Web site:
  2. Please let Will know what you think. It is an adjustable policy.
  3. Blog owners will be responsible for monitoring inappropriate comments.
  4. The Wiki Policy is a separate policy, still under development.


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