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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
April 3, 2008

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Steve Carrico, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Jim Cusick, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Michelle Foss, Brian Keith, Ann Lindell, Iona Malanchuk, Cathy Martyniak, Peter McKay, Tom Minton, Patrick Reakes, Richard Phillips, Betsy Simpson
New File Server
  1. We've configured the SAN - the new file server - and are ready to move personal and departmental folders over from NT2R. We started the move with Systems two weeks ago.
  2. Current folders on NT2R need to be evaluated and cleaned up, then transferred to the SAN. You can move them, or Systems can move them.
  3. Rarely used items on the SAN will be archived to NT2R, and then backed up to tape.
  4. Cathy and Michelle mention that they are drafting a policy regarding the archiving of old Web pages.
  5. The SAN has 6TB of space - NT2R, only 650GB. 4TB total will be allocated for all User Folders (10GB per user). Departmental folders will be 1GB.
  6. Each department will be different in their basic folder structure. Systems will meet with each department to determine their set up.
  7. In order to share data across folders with multi-users, we will need to create shared folders within the department folder.
  8. Starting next week, Systems will meet with each department to create a file structure. We can set permissions so that the whole department will be able to see the folders, but only the people with permission will be able to open them.
  9. Michelle Foss notes that her department is currently trying to clean up old folders.
  10. You will need to create a new folder and new path when moving .pst files as it will break in Outlook.
  11. Disk Extender - Peter McKay asks if users can run it themselves. There is a tool which looks at dates - Will has to locate it and share the tool.
  12. Departments that are being dissolved in the reorganization - we will use the current org chart as a model and adjust it as necessary. Ann recommends Unit Level rather than department - when people move, the organizational unit is remapped according to AD. That is another point; Logan will bring a list of staff to verify when contacting departments.
  1. We are close to rolling out the blogs. Logan and the Web 2.0 committee have been working on templates.
  2. By next week, we should have a choice of widgets.
  3. Wikis are further down the line.
  4. The Blog creation is done by Systems - we will also add the requested widgets.
AD Support/Printing
  1. AD switch for public computers will happen in mid-August. Amy and Winston met with the PeopleSoft folks and they said they are working on a log-on for non-affiliates.
  2. AD demoed - works with GatorLink sign-on and Xerox printing. We could get it going by Summer A, but non-affiliate printing is the hold up.
  3. GatorLink/CIRCA printing & copying solution - Mark McAllister says it can be done. Copying may be an issue.
  4. CIRCA billing - one month, a spreadsheet is sent to finance and then users are billed. We're looking for a more credit card type of billing.
  5. The Cost Reduction Task Force is looking at a UF-wide printing and billing solution - no news yet. If campus would consolidate printing, it might be profitable.
  6. Discussion of alternatives - flash drive dispenser, free printing, etc. Student Government has free printers at JWRU - there is a limit of so many copies per semester. Another option would be to route the print jobs to off-campus sites. Judy should have the campus-wide task force report next week.
  7. CIRCA does not handle copying. B&B - said there were way too many copiers to handle and it was not profitable.
  1. Short term laptop checkout - 2 weeks max. Systems has five available.
  2. Ann Lindell notes a bit of confusion regarding the laptops - AFA had a special project and needed two laptops for an extended period of time. They had to borrow laptops from other departments as they were denied checkout of the Systems laptops. But at one time they had submitted a request for their own departmental laptops and the request was denied. That was a while ago - Will suggests resubmitting the request.
  3. Recurring projects requiring laptops may be borrowed from other departments. We could take the loaners out of service for these projects, but it would limit availability. If they are used monthly, request a laptop for your department.
Public Folder Issue
  1. All properties do not display on the public folders. A problem with the Watercooler address brought it to light.
  2. Will is currently working on it. Public folders could be broken as a result. Will is out on vacation next week. Not to worry, the folders are backed up.
Music Library
  1. Music Library hours on Sunday will be 12PM-5PM. There is a Friends of Music Fundraiser 5PM-8PM.


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