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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
June 5, 2008

Present: Shelley Arlen, Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Stacey Ewing, David Hickey, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
Unscheduled Power Outage
  1. At first, Systems was reluctant to start shutting down the servers when the power went out. When the power did not start up after 10-15 minutes, things started shutting down on their own. In the future, when the power has been out for 5-10 minutes, we will shut down all of the servers. Because the SAN was not shut down properly, it had corrupted files when brought back up. Logan was on the phone with IBM for a few days. MSL SAN - the Web server config files were gone - we did not have it stored anywhere. We are now in the process of putting together a formal disaster recovery plan. The back-up UPS should stay powered for 20-60 minutes, depending how much is plugged into them. We were expecting 30 minutes, but they only lasted about 20 minutes. We will test procedures and get comfortable with shutting down servers.
Export Control
  1. We are required to take the proper steps when taking any type of computer equipment out of the country. Approval must be obtained by DSR. This applies to both business and personal items. Devices should be password protected and encrypted.
Campus AD
  1. The push is on for us to join Campus AD. The College of Education joined; now there are more folks in than out.
  2. Our plan has been to push public machines first, then staff. The issue with public machines is that there is no long-term solution for non-affiliates. We have a request in to Bridges for a new affiliation, but it would not be available by the fall (if they agree to its creation). Right now we would have to use the 14-day GatorLink guest account.
  3. Moving staff will be more complex. Permission groups will have to be migrated.
SX280 - Motherboard Replacements
  1. Motherboard and capacitor failures - many are starting to go out of warranty. Dell has agreed to replace the motherboards. We will schedule the West replacements during the break, the week of June 23.
Wireless in West
  1. Wireless in West to be reconfigured by CNS on Sunday morning, 6-9AM. The changes should make it easier for them to manage and monitor.
Employee Excellence Awards
  1. Announcements and flyers for the Employee Excellence Awards have been distributed.
  2. You can find the link to nominate a fellow employee on the Staff Web site.
  3. Discussion on the possibility of a Librarian of the Year award.
ALEPH Service Pack Upgrade
  1. No reports of problems after the recent ALEPH service pack upgrade.
Maps Move - MSL Construction
  1. A mover has been selected for the Maps move. They recently moved the FSU map collection.
  2. The map cases will be housed in L107, stack 5' high. There will be restricted access.
  3. We are still waiting for the installation of the two double doors outside of L107 and in the loading dock.
  4. We will migrate staff and the GIS scanning stations to the Documents public area so the public can continue to have access.
  5. Books in Maps to open shelving and open periodicals.
  6. The bid on the move was $10,000. All the elements of the move are in place. If there are any questions, please contact Joe Aufmuth or Carol McAuliffe.
West Closing June 20-29
  1. Cork floor replacement has been scheduled.
  2. We will do retrieval - link in OPAC and a runner to get the material.
  3. We will have a kiosk out in the front of the Library.
  4. We will pull the SX280's scheduled for replacement during that week.
West Public Overview - Stacey Ewing
  1. 3DMax software has been installed on the high-end machines and is available for patrons.
  2. 100 monitors in West were swapped out.
  3. Current project underway to add additional power to tables in West - more power to domes.
  4. CJK computer has been dropped off to Systems to have the software installed.
  5. An exchange librarian from Xavier University in New Orleans will be working here for two weeks.


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