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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
November 6, 2008

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Michelle Foss, Paul Losch, Cathy Martyniak
Office 2007
  1. Office 2007 will be pushed by request only. We will not try to push it to all staff as it has been deemed difficult to use.
  2. If you or your department wants Office 2007 pushed, please submit a ticket via Grover.
  3. There are several tutorials available online for O2K7. Bonnie Smith emailed several links to all staff.
Office 2007 Compatibility Tool
  1. Amy is working to push the Office 2007 Compatibility tool to All Staff.
Achilles IT Risk Assessment
  1. Campus standard to help us indentify vulnerabilities in data, equipment loss or any threat with potential to impact operations or assets.
  2. Will is in the process of writing a report. He only recently found out they want the full Library assessment by the end of this month.
  3. He will submit a report for this year and we will work towards fulfilling all requirements by next year's assessment.
Campus Active Directory
  1. Staff Workstations to be migrated to AD the first week of December (tentative). Once migrated, staff will use their GatorLink to log onto their workstations.
  2. There will be an extra log-in to Outlook (using the SmathersLib userid) during the transition (about a week or so).
  3. Campus Exchange Server migration 5 December (tentative).
  4. We'll need to check on any changes in logging onto Grover, Paula, Illiad/OCLC.
  5. We're going to start the testing process with the IT department first.
  6. Questions about student access - when they sign on to a workstation, they will use their Gatorlink. If they have a Smatherslib email account, once the Exchange Server has been migrated to AD, they will use their Gatorlink.
  7. Distribution groups and public folders are all going to break. We have to recreate all permissions by hand, unless Winston can find a way to do it using Powershield Tools.
  8. The IT group will call first before descending upon departments to do the workstation migration.
  9. Will there be an info session soon? Once we have tested it on the IT department.
  10. Before your email has been migrated, you'll want to move any items over a year old to your personal folders. The calendar folder should last forever.
  11. This will be a painful process, but will be better once everything is in place.
  12. Restricting access to staff computers to only staff once we are in AD - we will need to set a rule for it.
Room 1A & East Conference Room Equipment
  1. Joe points out slow performance on both computers (room 1A and E conference).
  2. Will notes he has requested replacement of 200 old machines (staff and public).
  3. To accurately report any problems with either of these computers, please submit a ticket via Grover so the problem can be appropriately addressed.


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