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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
December 4, 2008

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Michelle Crump, Stacey Ewing, Michelle Foss, Ann Lindell, Iona Malunchuk, Cathy Martyniak, Christian Poehlmann, Jan Swanbeck
Exchange Server Failure
  1. Exchange failure on 11/13/08 - even though it is a clustered server, both failed. One cluster crashed without the database closing. When the server was brought back online, it had no information store. Dell's top level support was contacted. Utilities were executed and that either fixed or deleted things. A lot of corruption did not recover. At that point, we tried to restore from tape. We are working now with Veritas, as all email from 11/13 through today is not restorable. Currently, there are about 25 users with problems. Many issues exist with Calendars - multiple items, etc.
  2. Outlook used in multiple places should be set to cached mode in order to stay in synch. Directions for setting it to that mode are on the IT Dept blog.
  3. Will is trying to find a way to restore the data from 11/13 through today. Another solution would be to move to Campus AD & Exchange. The problem is that our Exchange data is corrupt and won't move back in. Everyone should be saving important items to their personal folder. If you have a personal folder on your hard drive and the server, you'll be even safer. You should create personal folders for non-personal items. In order to create one for a separate mailbox, you have to log-in as that account and create the personal folder. Rich reports that a lot of his attachments are gone. He can open the emails that show the attachments, but nothing is there.
Campus Exchange
  1. Will is going to talk with the Campus AD folks to see if they will allow us to migrate Exchange to AD prior to moving the workstations. Their current policy is to migrate all workstations first, then Exchange. He is going to inform them of our current Exchange woes.
  2. Will is trying to get backups of our entire mail store to transfer over. He is continuing to work on it. Our best bet is to migrate as soon as possible. There is a lot of corruption.
  3. Ideally, if Campus AD will work with us and we can restore everything, then we could conceivably migrate before the break in December.
  4. Winston is doing a great job using Power Shell tools to copy permissions from Exchange to GatorLink so users will have the same access to all files and folders on the servers.
  5. Listserv migration & email address discussion.
  6. Once we get the go ahead, we will do a town hall meeting to advise staff of the migration.
  7. Will to ask Campus AD folks about what happens to the mail of people that do not have GatorLink forwarded to their work email.
  8. Discussion of Campus Exchange and how failures are much more unlikely as they have more powerful and plentiful backup.
Grover Issues
  1. Grover policy issue - Denise and others would like to be able to view all tickets for their department. Per Will, we will take this under consideration.
  2. Betsy and others would also like to have the ability to add IT Dept folk to the notify field. Again, it will be considered.


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