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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
April 2, 2009

Present: Shelley Arlen, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Steve Carrico, Tom Caswell, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Cathy Martyniak, Iona Malanchuk, Richard Phillips, Amy Polk, Patrick Reakes, Rachel Schipper, Betsy Simpson, Ben Walker
Green Team
  1. The Green Team for the Libraries has instigated an initiative to have computer monitors enter a sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. It has been tested and the monitor will resume function as soon as you move the mouse or use the keyboard. If there are no objections, we will bring it up at AGRSSR, and then implement.
Conficker Virus
  1. Vulnerability in MS OS. It was announced in October of last year. Most of the April 1st infections were in Europe. April 1st is a big hacker day - this one got a lot of press. There were some major commercial attacks. A voice server company was knocked out for a day and a half.
Campus IT Action Plan
  1. Big meeting held at the Reitz Union - Frasier is outgoing. They are looking to hire a permanent CIO.
  2. Bill sent out a link to the Action plan and org chart to MMM.
  3. The plan follows the concept of Responsibility Centered Management. There will be an increase of $5 million per year for IT, to be coordinated by the CIO.
  4. Web services to be centralized in the next 10-14 months. Move is towards greater uniformity.
  5. A new entity to be formed: ENG IT - to implement governance structure - what to do in the Libraries. We could restructure MMM to be re-titled as the point of contact. We would have to assign slots for all departments. People would not be mandatory, just the departments. We could have appointed department reps. The reorg of MMM is just a suggestion, and is open for comment.
  6. Iona feels that the make-up of the new group should be different than Middle Managers.
  7. Per Bill, the history of this group is that it began as a committee dealing with IT issues and it hasn't really deviated much from that path.
  8. The new group has to be ready by July 1st, per the UF IT Action Plan.
  9. Rich feels that re-tooling this group makes sense. It's fixed and we would be capable of keeping the assignments.
  10. Per Bill, no policy would be made at this level as it relates to the organizational chart.
Textbook Policy
  1. Robena brings up the report on textbook policy about Libraries being expected to own textbooks. Patrick says there's actually no wording saying we need to buy them, just that we need to "have" them if they are required.
  2. HSCL has an enormous amount of books on reserve. We need an interpretation of the rule for our departments. Rachel will check on it.
Public Computer Purchases?
  1. Denise asks if the FCLA money for public computers has been spent yet. Bill notes that money is not just for public computers and, no, it has not yet been spent. We do have a list of priority replacements based on warranty expiration.
Copier Contract
  1. Contract was ready to go, and then the parties involved said they could not do it. We are still negotiating with the vendors. There is no timeline available.


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