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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
July 2, 2009

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Steve Carrico, Robena Cornwell, Michele Crump, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Cathy Martyniak, Iona Malanchuk, Rachel Schipper, Bonnie Smith, Grace Strawn, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
ALEPH v.19
  1. New version will begin the weekend of August 1st & 2nd.
  2. West, MSL, Education and Acquisitions & Licensing will test it and then we will begin to use it.
  3. The client will be installed on machines a week in advance.
  4. No problems are anticipated.
Server Migration to UFAD
  1. We plan to migrate the servers to UFAD next weekend. Should be seamless, but you may find that some links don't work right away.
  2. This will affect big stuff: file servers, Web, etc.
Photocopy Contract
  1. Notification was just sent to Xerox to leave by July 30. Canon will get their equipment here by the end of the month.
  2. The charging system should be in place by the end of the month.
  3. It is not a contractual agreement; rather, a general UF Purchasing agreement.
  4. More details forthcoming, as soon as the magstripe readers and software is in place.
  5. There will be options available for patrons without GatorOne cards. We will issue pseudo-GatorOne cards that have value on them. They can also be used at Starbucks, etc. There is a minimum $15 transfer fee.
  6. We think we can at least break even financially with this deal. We have purchased the equipment.
  7. Library Public Services folks will be responsible for changing the paper and toner. If a more difficult problem occurs, Canon can be called 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday.
  8. Refunds for existing Xerox card? That is being worked out. We will try to get the best deal that we can. Have to take into account students that return in the fall that still have a balance on their cards.
  9. The machine count is 22: 19 black & white and 3 color printers. HSCL will see a reduction in the number of printers.
  10. Machines can scan to USB drives as well as copy and print.
  11. Microtek machines will not be dealt with until this is done.
  12. All Xerox on paid contract will be leaving.
  13. Unsure how it's going to work with print queues. There will not be print release stations. Patrons will be able to print to any printer anywhere.
  14. Print size will be letter and legal. Once the basic mechanism is in place - that could change.
Laptop Management
  1. The Directors would like to get more departmental laptops into the general checkout pool.
  2. This would not include laptops in the departmental workflow schemes.
  3. This is really designed for idle laptops, not ones used regularly.
  4. Updates? Departmental laptops should be left plugged in to the domain to receive regular updates.
  1. Illiad will be down tomorrow. The public will be notified via the Web.
New Computers
  1. Amy is working on pushing the monitor sleepy mode so it refreshes on new machines.
  2. If people are not here when their new machine is scheduled to be installed, it most likely will move to the end of the installation queue.
  3. Remember to backup your documents at all times.


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