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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
August 6, 2009

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Brian Keith, Ann Lindell, Cathy Martyniak, Iona Malanchuk, Richard Phillips, Rachel Schipper, Betsy Simpson, Ben Walker
Photocopy Contract Update
  1. As usual, we're at the edge of a breakthrough. The latest news: as of yesterday afternoon, we've requested modifications to the 4th version of their statement of work. They have failed to disclose what they intend to do.
  2. We're pretty sure this will not be implemented before the start of the fall semester. The printing solution should be in place no later than 20 days after the execution of the agreement.
  3. We will continue with the physical preparation: wiring and determination of physical location.
  4. IP addresses can be assigned once we have been given the MAC addresses.
  5. There will be a third party solution for the locks. They will all be keyed alike.
  6. Canon agrees that the hold-up is on their end. They will pay the Xerox contract until they can get their solution in place.
  7. We will try to give notification as to the delivery of the machines.
  8. Microtek machine - can Xerox remove the charging machine? We can have them try. Will it work if they remove the device? We'll test it in Music. Better to do that now than when it get busy at the beginning of the fall.
  9. Printing may be set up for free until the card swipes are set up.
  10. LAC will be the first area to be set up, once we have the MAC & IP addresses.
  11. Can you give a ballpark figure to give to patrons as to when to change their cards? Bill suggests telling them one week.
  12. Refunds - flyers will be posted by Fiscal Services. People can come between 10AM-4PM, for two months. We will transfer the value of the Xerox card onto the Gator One card. We will have a reader set up in Fiscal Services. A patron will be able to swipe their card and see the balance. We will have a sign made that asks that people stand quietly in line. Relatively heavy volume is expected. Departmental cards - we can transfer the value on those as well.
  13. Icon on desktop to put value on cards - there is not a single location to direct users. Walk-ups need to be directed to a different Web page.
  14. To put value on a Gator One card, your Gatorlink username and password has to be used. The minimum is $15. Gator One cards have three categories for charges: Vending (Library), Dining (Starbucks) and Bookstore. There is some flexibility in changing the categories around. You can take money from dining and put it on vending.
  15. Non-affiliates to get a card at the front desk. $15 minimum; can also be used at Starbucks.
  16. Judy has authorized each branch to have a card of goodwill to be used for an emergency or with an irate patron.
  17. We are in the act of putting up notices regarding the forthcoming change of services.
  18. If we had a vague idea of the timeframe, we could incorporate the printing facts into the fall semester orientation. Unfortunately, all info in this matter is disconnected. As soon as something concrete is known, we will pass it along. Canon is contractually obligated and we have been assured at the highest level.
MSL Compact Shelving
  1. Per Joe Aufmuth, it may be irreparable. Will let you know.
Sleepy Monitor Issue
  1. Sleepy monitors not working on new computers. Screen savers seem to be overriding. May require hands-on fixing.


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