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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
September 3, 2009

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Stacey Ewing, Jason Fleming, Brian Keith, Ann Lindell, Paul Losch, Iona Malanchuk, Patrick Reakes, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
  1. Printing to start this AM.
  2. Fines: delayed one day.
Web Outage
  1. We had a brief outage of the main Web server yesterday. Some services stopped, and then others, and then a complete crash. A reboot was the cure.
  2. We don't know what happened. There were no log errors.
  3. We will reconfigure it within the next few weeks to cure the scenario of failing applications. It did occur during a heavy use time period.
Print Solution
  1. The printing solution continues to change. They should have printed cards last night at Gator One for walk-up users. They are to be delivered this morning.
  2. There is a change in how the card is used. You need to present the card to put value on it at the Gator One site. You have to note the number on the front and the access code on the back.
  3. The link is supposedly live and operational.
  4. Accounts have shifted over.
  5. All printers are in place, except MSL. They need to be put in place today.
  6. Soft launch today. We're past the point of no return. Printing and photocopying by Canon is now on the main campus. Law is not going with this solution - they will use Circa.
  7. HSCL is another problem entirely. Printers had to be physically relocated. There is concern with a possible breach of patient confidentiality due to hacking. A change to the system had to be made. It should be in place today. Borland does not want to be on it.
  8. There are four paper trays and four alternate sizes: big through little. The cost is the same for all variety of sizes.
  9. Black & white copies cost $.10 and color: $.50.
  10. The Hardware Unit has put the appropriate software on every public machine. Default printers will be changed by a server push.
  11. Users will get a pop-up to enter their Gatorlink user ID. They go to the machine, swipe their card, and, when it matches the number they entered, it will allow them to choose the job they want to print.
  12. We need to discuss the length of time that the jobs will remain in the print queue. Suggestions? No more than 24 hours? 72 hours would cover the weekend. We'll start with 72 hours and trim it if it gets ridiculous.
  13. HSCL wants their queue cleared within hours, so those will be set differently.
  14. Patrons can only view their own jobs. If there are no funds on the card, then they cannot see the jobs in the queue.
  15. The Pharos card swipe hardware on the machines is very small. Cards can be swiped in either direction.
  16. How can patrons distinguish the jobs in their queue? The top line of the document will show. Most recent jobs will be at the top.
  17. Numbers on walk-up cards are 7 digits with 3 digit access code.
  18. Card readers are expensive and an item that could easily be desirable to some folks. They were non-secured as delivered, but we have anchored them with two-headed snake bit screws. Still, they are not bullet-proof.
  19. Locks for the paper drawers have yet to be delivered. Paper could be pilfered.
  20. This printing option is further along at this point in time than we were with Xerox. It works better.
  21. Service calls? Call the IT department first, before going to Canon. The Hardware Unit will take a look at the problem, and, if they are unable to figure it out, will place a service call to Canon.
  22. Tailgating - minimum delay: 1 minute. Patron needs to log out when leaving to prevent tailgating.
  23. Bill will send out a recap email on these details.
  24. Printers should not be turned off at night. Only for emergency (hurricane preparedness) should they be turned off. It takes awhile for the machines to come up.
  25. Training - no question, the sessions were brief as they were running late. Are there any printed instructions? Not at the moment.
  26. By the end of the day tomorrow, Xerox will be out of here.
  27. Fiscal Services - ready to transfer money. Cards not yet received. Departmental cards are not ready yet. The Libraries are in good shape. For the rest, we have to depend on other folks. We will be open 10AM-4PM to read cards. It will take a few days for the funds to transfer from the old to new card. Fiscal Services can do transfers, not refunds or reimbursements. Gator One is the location for refunds.


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