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Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
October 1, 2009

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Rich Bennett, Stacey Ewing, Michelle Foss, John Freund, Winston Harris, Brian Keith, Ann Lindell, Iona Malanchuk, Chris Nicolich, Chris Poehlmann, Patrick Reakes, Rachel Schipper, Colleen Seale, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Ben Walker
Social Networking Sites
  1. It is advisable to read the fine print on social networking sites. Be sure to know how your account is used. Know what you are broadcasting.
Grover Expansion
  1. Library Council discussed the development of Grover to be used to track non-IT requests. We decided at that meeting to bring it before Middle Managers for further discussion.
  2. We already have a similar tracking database in the works for Fiscal Services and Purchasing.
  3. Judy wants a way to track all requests from outside the Libraries - our own version of a customer relations management (CRM) system. We decided to do it through elaborating on Grover.
  4. Grover would have a separate queue to log in all public requests. The comments sent to the Webmaster email address were the original focus in setting up Patron Grover. The idea is to have a queue master read the email and forward it to an appropriate source.
  5. We could just send it to an anonymous mailbox, but, if no one picks it up - it would be unanswered.
  6. Departments may need to pinpoint the most appropriate person to answer patron inquiries.
  7. Administration is trying to ensure a timely feedback loop for patron requests. There is concern about requests getting lost and we want to be sure it's done right.
  8. Are there other alternatives to investigate? We've been asked to implement this system. We should try it, and, if there are concerns, let Judy know at that point.
  9. Perhaps a minimal pilot project would be best.
  10. Rich feels that there is not a real problem. It will take more time to document the patron requests then to answer the question.
  11. Ask-A-Librarian works well and it is monitored and provides usage statistics.
  12. Queue master would need managerial filter.
  13. So, pilot test or replace the way it is now and go with Patron Grover, full-swing? We need to get a sense of how the MMM group thinks and pass it up.
  14. If Librarians had to log every email, it would be overwhelming.
  15. This whole project started as an automated way to track Webmaster items. There is a range of ways to utilize this goal.
  16. A pilot project to start seems best. The Web master queue seems the best place to start. The group suggests not going whole hog.
  17. Betsy will draft a response from MMM to Judy, suggesting the Web master queue pilot project as a great way to begin the implementation of her idea.
Canon Printing
  1. Canon has been thunderously silent about fixing the issues we are experiencing. We've threatened getting our money back - to little response.
  2. The main issue is still a compatibility problem between the hardware and software.
  3. Refund issues - the Deans decided that if it's not the fault of the machine or Library staff, then we will not issue a refund. If the patron made an error trying to print, we can't issue a refund.
  4. Locks falling off - an ongoing problem in some areas.


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