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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
March 4, 2010

Present: Joe Aufmuth, Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Robena Cornwell, Chelsea Dinsmore, Stacey Ewing, Brian Keith, Ann Lindell, Bobby Parker, Chris Poehlmann, Amy Polk, Betsy Simpson, Laurie Taylor, Ben Walker

IT Governance
  1. Conversion of Middle Manager's to IT Governance - need to settle on title.
  2. 2nd Request for volunteers to work with Will Chaney.
  3. Will meet later this month. There is a link on the CIO's page with the inversion. Roll out in May, hopefully. If not: June.
CIO Candidate Interviews
  1. There are three good candidates in the running.
  2. The first candidate is from Oregon, previously at Emory. His resume is good - a lot of IT and educational experience. Leadership skills: when asked about campus heading to centralizing IT, he replied that he would prefer not to do this - would take one year to look at it. Would eventually centralize, but would want to insure a good fit. Will felt he was a very good candidate. The other two interviews will be held next week. All of the candidates are from outside of UF. The rumors of combining, centralizing and resource utilization are now more realistic. Probably within six months time.
Virus Protection
  1. We are going to add Site Advisory (McAfee tool) to bump up virus protection. It will give staff an idea of the risks associated with the site they visit.
  2. List of major offenders - Will spoke with Rachel - talk to offenders first, can be elevated if necessary.
  3. HIP - Hardware Intrusion Protection - registry and background.
  4. Evan is putting together documents to distribute next week explaining the new protection to staff.
Public Computer Changes
  1. Removing admin rights - need to revoke the statement that CIRCA users are not Admins. They are. We probably will not go the route of removing Admin rights.
  2. We have a ReturnIL demo on Monday. It is a product that protects the master boot record.
  3. Another option is with Group Policy, but would require several hundred settings and is not practical. Future computer changes: after May 1st, we should have the virtualization piece of Altiris. We hope this will cut the cost of purchasing software. If we purchase 10 licenses, we can use Altiris to monitor shared software so that we are only using 10 licenses at a time. We have the license code for Altiris and the PO for the consultants to configure it. It will probably be a month and a half before we are comfortable with its use.
Replacement Computers
  1. 30 staff computers have been earmarked for replacement.
  2. 160 Public are out of warranty - will set aside and replace in May.
  3. Another 200 will be out of warranty by the end of the fiscal year. We are requesting replacement.
  4. Specially configured machines will be reviewed.
Grover Changes
  1. Notify people can now make comments in a ticket.
  2. Event email - now to primary and secondary.
  3. Putting in a new ticket - "affected HWID" - wording changed so as to be less confusing. There is a check box to choose if you are unable to supply a HWID. We are working on rearranging it so it is more obvious.
Newell Hall
  1. IT has been involved in meetings for the plans for Newell Hall.
  2. We've looked at the space. The basement has low ceilings - probably for staff and classrooms.
  3. 5th floor - additions happening.
  4. There is only one entrance.
  5. Plans are for it to be opened 24/5.
  6. Raised floors needed for power and electric.
  7. We are discussing a trade of room 206 in MSL for the Xerox office space on the 5th floor of MSL - two spaces to be used for staff and one for storage and a shop to pre-configure machines for Newell Hall and MSL.
  8. New elevator would need to be added to Newell - current one is small and slow.
  9. Stairs need to be redone.
  10. Whether it's governance would be independent or under a branch is unknown.
  11. Pat Reakes has been involved with the planning, attending meetings.
Grover Queue Addition
  1. Electronic Resources queue in Grover - Chris Poehlmann needs to get the information on the flow of info to the IT programmer, Chris Nicolich. The ball is in his court in order to get that queue added to Grover.
Help Desk Tools
  1. We are looking into other Help Desk tools.
  2. We have an Altiris Help Desk demo this afternoon. Will has looked at other institutions that use it and there have been no negative comments.
  3. Betsy asks why we are looking at different tools. Will replies that this is Evan's idea. He wants to change the way IT calls are handled. He wants to add phone support. In the long run, we would have students working the help desk. The number to call would be 237-2800.
  4. Altiris Help Desk can tie to inventory. Altiris knows the name tied to hardware and points out history in summary. Altiris gives more for less.
  5. Telephone support is not ready yet. We will phase it in. Students are unable to enter tickets into Grover at the moment. Will clarified that this will be only IT department students entering tickets. It does not include the Reference Desk students.
  6. Weekend/off hour support would mean the option to leave a voicemail with the information at this point in time.
  7. Altiris over-promised - trying to do more with less. Evan and Josh have worked with it.
  8. Off-campus, we could provide the best support at another level: collaboration.
CIO Candidate
  1. The candidate pointed out that several departments are running GIS servers. If they got together, one server could establish the relationship. Big savings.
  2. New IT structure - IT direction was laid out last year. It didn't pave the road.
  1. Nothing new since last month.
  2. Late January, early February. Six week process.
  3. No database admin hired. At least one month, maybe two. They requested donations to fund it.
  4. No news or announcements, as far as Will has seen.
IT Move
  1. Exterior of the building is done and they are now working on the interior.
  2. When the building is ready, we will line up movers.
  3. By that time, we should have Altiris in place. The engineers and consultants should be here within the next three weeks. Hope to have it up and running two weeks after that.
  4. The Hardware Unit will stay on campus.
  5. Logan is working on server virtualization. Web move is primary. DLC slated for the end of the project.
  6. Tapes - no movement. We had one response about deletion. A professor came back and said we could not get rid of it. Sara Gonzalez - Astronomy said their tapes were the only ones of interest. Denise says no others are to be kept. ICPSR tapes can go. Will is requesting notification from all (in writing).
  7. Rich asks if, at the end of the server virtualization, all of our servers be virtualized? SAN equipment will be co-located in CSE. Will use for testing.
  8. All the servers should be moved by June.
  9. Proxy will stay at HSC. There is talk of virtualized backup for the proxy server for HSC. Only 1 or 2 small servers.
  10. HIPPA training - Brian says it is a 30-minute training/certification.
  11. Will notes George Hack has been working on mobile Web, ALEPH support and in return, we've helped with their Web site. We are attempting to work on projects together.
  12. HIPPA certification may be easy, but the HSC firewall configuration and data transfer must be revisited - HSCL and Smathers IT should be joined as one.