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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

Minutes of Smathers Middle Managers Meeting
April 1, 2010

Present: Denise Bennett, Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Stacey Ewing, Winston Harris, Ann Lindell, Carol McAuliffe, Bobby Parker, Rachel Schipper, Betsy Simpson, Bonnie Smith, Grace Strawn, Carol Whitmer

  1. UF Library Information Services Advisory Committee - this committee, formally known as Middle Managers, will be open to all staff.
  2. It will function to keep the organization up-to-date on technological issues.
  3. It will be held in Room 1A.
  4. An announcement will be sent to out to All Staff to this effect sometime this month.
  5. The change in this committee start with next month's meeting.
Help Desk/Phone Support
  1. We are opening up the IT phones to allow staff to call in problems.
  2. This will be the equivalent of having a Grover ticket submitted for you.
  3. The self-submittal form will still be available.
  4. The IT Departmental phone number, 273-2800, will prompt you to dial 1 for the Help Desk or 2 for the Staff Directory.
  5. Students and Debra will be answering the phones. If call volume exceeds that initial front line, it will be backed up by the Hardware Unit.
  6. Initially, we limit the calls to MSL as a test group. We will be tracking the tickets to gauge call volume.
  7. We will send an announcement to All Staff next Thursday, providing Telecom has the phone changes in place.
  8. We plan on initiating the Help Desk on Tuesday, April 13.
  9. We are opening the phones to make life easier.
  10. Folks will still need to consult the ticket to check on the status.
  11. In the future, we hope to be at a point where we can troubleshoot over the phone with you. Right now, we are simply entering the ticket into the system for you.
  12. IT Help Desk hours will be 8AM-5PM.
  13. After hours, a message can be left on voicemail with appropriate information so that a ticket can be generated the next business day.
  14. We need a notification list for students working the Circulation Desks who may be putting in calls/tickets. We will use that name when assigning a Requester on the ticket. (Library student names are not available in the database).
New Public Image
  1. Evan passed around screen shots of the desktop for the new public image.
  2. We will be putting Win7 on the public computers over the summer.
  3. The desktop is full with additional icons. Evan would like to know which ones can be remove, moved to the start menu or pinned to the tool bar.
  4. We will upgrade West for Summer A and the rest of the branches by Summer B.
  5. Discussions of icons. Rich feels the decision should not be made in this forum. It was narrowed down to leaving six of the icons, with a discussion to follow at Branch Chairs.
  6. Robena asks that the Log-off button be made more prominent.
Altiris/Win 7
  1. IT software that will allow us to manage computers remotely. It has been ordered, but not yet received.
  2. We will use it to assist in the migration of faculty and staff to Win 7.
  3. We are looking for a smaller location to test the push of Windows 7. Carol Whitmer has volunteered the Education Library.
  4. Most of the IT Department has already switched to Win7.
  5. Staff will be trained on Win 7. MS training courses are always available online.
Video Conferencing Room 1A
  1. The company will be here today to look at the microphone array. They will also install a DVR.
  2. If you need assistance after you have reserved the room, you can always put in a Grover to ask a tech be on hand to help.
  3. The time-out situation that was happening with the computer has been rectified.
Server Virtualization
  1. As a part of the IT move to Eastside campus, all of the IT servers are being virtualized.
  2. CNS is hosting on VMWare.
  3. The process began in January and has really progressed over the last three weeks.
  4. The goal is to be finished with the migration by June.
  5. The move of the file server and Web should be fairly seamless. User and department folders will map automatically.
  6. Paths to your web files will have to be updated. There is a possibility we can do that with Altiris. Hardware Unit may need to go out and update things for folks.
  7. The moves will take place over a weekend. We'll set a block point of time that you should not save anything to the old location. The switch should not take too long.
  8. We may try to move the file and Web server two weeks after classes end.
  9. Bobby Parker notes we had problems with the LARS program the last time we did a move like this. We may need to change IPs. Logan suggests that a Grover ticket be submitted.
  1. Sharepoint will be coming online soon - probably in June.
  2. We will train staff over the summer.
  3. It is a collaborative tool that uses Outlook to share documents.
  4. It will be used for current documents only.
  5. Public folders will be going away when UFAD upgrades Outlook.
Office Communicator
  1. Office Communicator is built into Outlook. It allows for voice and chat function.
  2. The license was just purchased by campus.
  3. It is available to all staff and students.
  4. It can be used to plug in to videoconferencing units. Our video conferencing in Room 1A can only handle 7 guests. Campus bridge can handle 40. It needs to be pre-planned.
  5. Office Communicator is a useful tool, but staff is not required to use it.
  6. Should be available this month. If you were in the beta test group, you just need to log in again.
Study Room Project
  1. Student technology fee may fund a project resulting in changes to the study rooms.
  2. The concept is to install large-screen monitors in each study room.
  3. A vendor is coming tomorrow to survey the space. We want self-retracting VGA cables.
  4. Need to discuss audio in MSL. The study rooms there are not soundproof.
  5. The whiteboards in those rooms are very popular. We would not want the monitors wall-mounted.
  6. The company is coming to West tomorrow at 10AM. Evan will get Denise when they arrive at MSL. Facilities will also attend.
  7. This project is just a concept at this point. They may not choose our project for funding.