Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
February 15, 1996

Present: Rich Bennett, M. Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Michele Crump, Frank DiTrolio, Sam Gowan, Stephanie Haas, Bob Harrell, Barry Hartigan, Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Dolores Jenkins, Erich Kesse, Peter Malanchuk, Mari Marsh, Barbara Oliver, Richard Phillips, Colleen Seale, Robert Singerman, Grace Strawn, Jan Swanbeck

Group Focus
  1. Will be used as a conduit of information, focusing on electronic topics - idea is to be timely in effectively disseminating information to staff. EMAIL doesn't allow for ready discussion. Preservation and Systems type things need interactive discussion. Will be management version of liaisons. Agenda will be helpful for future meetings.
  2. Meetings will be held twice monthly - First and third Thursday from 9AM to 10AM. Time will be kept to a minimum.
  3. List of suggested topics for Systems to address was distributed to attendees.
  1. Wiring project update - Network wiring in Education has been inflicted with a variety of difficulties with UFNET - it is currently functional.
  2. Next phase - East end of West, encompassing Access Services area, cert desk to back wall, Facilities, upstairs to accomodate moves, Documents, Ill. Adding 45 duplex outlets, 90 new points. UTP will be installed to enable 100MB Ethernet service capability. Ed Groesch is hoping to start by April, if he can not accomodate us on the April schedule we may have to go to an outside contractor, which is much more costly. Project is being paid for by FCLA funds.
  3. Info Hammock or Swamp - wiring is in place, waiting for power poles and AC. Easy to expand to the Microform area.
  4. MSL - tower database, juke box - as soon as it's ready, licensing will be done(pricing is complete, money is there) - will have to be phased in. Have assigned constellation names. CD workstation wires could be pulled to allow tower access. Will be an overlap - some databases will not be up - old and new do not always run the same. Rich has old MLA disks, quarterly updates - we are legal with an intent to purchase. Two copies of Florida census, one should be delivered to Systems and will be put up.
  5. Another chiller may have to be installed - will make delay until July or August.
  6. Rm 100 - Public Access Terminal - North end of East, need wiring, must committ money by May.
  7. Allocation list for Gateways is out. Systems paperwork is complete
  1. Erich distributed copies of the policy for processing floppies and CD's
  2. Website has been converted from Windows 95 to Unix
  3. RLIN is cancelling hardware connections - moving to Net connections through Windows 95
  4. Mellon grant - scanning project - 2 Caribbean newspapers will be scanned onto CD ROM from microfilm. Cecilia Botero and Richard Phillips are the indexers on the project. Software used to create an editable field is expensive and not accurate. Project will last for approximately one more year. Completed product will be the property of the University.
  5. Preservation is accepting ideas on future projects.
  6. Florida Geological Survey project - currently in negotiations with vendor to digitize
  7. Preservation will deliver images, but you must download and convert yourself.
  8. Film is an acceptable archival media, CD's are not.
  1. OCLC passport for Windows is being tested in Resource Services. Daniel Cromwell or Jimmie Lundgren may demo the product. One copy has been purchased which runs on the DOS side of a PowerMac. No response from the request posted on Sys-Lias for other user requirements.
  2. Vendors are developing for Windows 95
  3. A presentation on different ways into OCLC should be given
SUS Electronic Group
  1. Databases which were recommended were approved.
  2. NFLIN and SUS relationship - UF and North Florida are members of NFLIN
  3. FirstSearch through NFLIN will go away in approximately two weeks.
  4. February 20, 1996 - meeting scheduled to deal with DIALOG.
  5. Time-line for SixPack not available, Wilson should go up quickly - money moved to FCLA
  6. SYKE Info going back to 1927, we will be a test site.
  7. ASTI back to where available in machine readable form. Abstracts for Art and Education.
  8. CAB up on LAN system at the Health Center
  9. FCLA will probably buy Silver Platter software, CAB might be better in Silver Platter on the mainframe. MLA may not go that way. Alternative approach is gateway through LUIS.
  10. ERL access for SYKELIT - Michele Dalehit is looking at only one title, MEDLINE, no discussion of another product. Rich will find out where FCLA is on this.

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