MMM Minutes 3/7/96

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
March 07, 1996

Present: HelenJane Armstrong, Rich Bennett, M. Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Bill Covey, Frank DiTrolio, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Mari Marsh, Richard Phillips, Colleen Seale, Robert Singerman, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Elaine Yontz
Guests: Kurt Baumgartner, Debra Mills

  1. Software Inventory reports have been very slow coming in. Frequent indications of workstations having software installed which has not been assigned - this will be discussed at the Liaison meeting. A hardcopy will be distributed to MMM's on Monday or Tuesday. Attendance at the Liaison meetings was discussed.
  2. Novell break-in - Athletic Association - successful in 5 areas, attempted one of ours, only repercussion was locking Bill's password out - so far just an annoyance. Will be heavy inquiries - problem will increase and monitoring will need to be increased
  3. Guest speakers from STAC
  4. INFO SOUTH will be shut down due to Federal cuts.
  5. Next meeting - possible approaches to OCLC
  6. STAC would like to participate in this group
  1. STAC - Southern Technology Applications Center - located in Alachua, part of the College of Engineering - originated in Library East - NASA is primary source of funding - help companies find technologies - provides access to publicly available information. WEB site address -
  2. SE Conference - coordinates 9 states
  3. Marshall Space Flight Centers - provides technical resources for companies. STAC does the data searches, approximately 40 per month for NASA, teleconference with NASA and Marshall on a weekly basis.
  4. Info Services - supports STAC's activities, 5 area offices in Florida. Own operation - solicit business - patent and trademark searching
  5. Manage major defense department contract
  6. Primarily use the Library for Documents and Reference - business, demographics, technology
  7. $110,000 fixed fee for DIALOG - have few CD ROM products. Have access to major vendors - EQUIFAX is one, may pick a radius from a given point in a city and obtain the demographics. DataStar, NewsNet, ESA, Dunn & Bradstreet are others
  8. Consult access to UF - one major source of information is the NASA scientists. Services offered through NASA are free. Other side is for a fee, cost recovery - 1/3 to 1/2 of their business, close to being self-supporting
  9. Patent searching, basically infringement, preliminary, existing. Strictly use DIALOG, do not do shoebox searches(originally patents were kept in shoeboxes, separated by classification, now in drawers). On-line searches can cover the entire scope, need to do both
  10. GATT - changed the patent law, now 20 years from date of filing, 5 year extension. Since GATT - foreign countries are allowed research and lab notebook priority dates
  11. Industry standards are frequently requested, normally obtained from field lab or Federal
  12. NASA's home page - Marshall Space Flight home page - request for technical assistance may be sent direct, requires Board approval, has to be technical in nature and require up to 40 hours of technical assistance(over would require a different type of agreement). New program, about $60,000 per year in cost
  13. STAC could be a tack onto Library services - would talk with the parties involved to determine if there would be charges.
  14. Have provided services to faculty member using grant funding
  15. Census referrals - STAC might take them
  16. Would like to partner services with the Library and utilize the Library contract with OCLC

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