MMM Minutes 3/21/96

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
March 21, 1996

Present: Rich Bennett, Stacey Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Carol Drum, LeiLani Freund, Barry Hartigan, Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Dolores Jenkins, Erich Kesse, Jimmie Lundgren, Mari Marsh, Colleen Seale, Robert Singerman, Jan Swanbeck, Elaine Yontz

  1. Five new CD ROM titles - Florida Census, ECONLIT, Sociofile, Sports Discus, MLA
  2. 105 copies of WinShield were received on 20 March 96
  3. DOS Virus- Nov 17 or 17.385 - originated from Jerusalem virus - most virus scanning doesn't detect it. 1 to 15 new viruses are developed per day. Detection software can't keep up.
  4. Liaisons - Have money to do memory upgrades to take machines up to 16M - will need an accurate survey of the current memory on machines
  5. Wiring schedule - April will be the earliest for West, Access Services may be first
  6. Request for system liaison to be supplied with a Windows 95 CD for troubleshooting. CD's can't be backed up, serial numbers need to be tracked, Microsoft is now using a code for each CD
  7. Two sessions on new access to CD ROM, today at 3

OCLC Access

  1. Two methods - ILL system and First Search
  2. PRISM ILL - ILL and Cataloging have a dedicated line, Reference using dial-in service. Dedicated line is good for budgeting, know the monthly charge
  3. Internet access is now an option
  4. Interface is relatively unchanged, some editing modifications
  5. PASSPORT for Windows - copy and pasting
  6. Reference - Internet access with Windows interface
  7. OCLC searching system is not good, has been made easier, can use some commands now. Find, keyword searching is expensive. Scan title search is $.14 1/2 plus $.37 to display plus online charges
  8. Search subject access have DIALOG accounts
  9. OCLC for ILL verification - may want to look at First Search
  10. Cataloging is looking at options for pricing
  11. PASSPORT for Windows is a new version of PASSPORT to communicate with OCLC. System Requirements - 4M RAM, 10M on the hard drive, OCLC or PC enhanced keyboard, MS DOS ver 3.1 or higher, Windows 3.1 or higher, mouse, parallel printer or serial printer. Desirable features - ease of connection, multiple sessions, macros, cut and paste. Daniel Cromwell, email DANCROM, phone 2-0351, is the coordinator of PASSPORT installations. First Search can be used with PASSPORT for Windows.
  12. Access - Dedicated, Compuserve($.12/min plus telephone line and modem), Internet access($.06/min)
  13. First Search reduces bills, currently somewhat in public services, free for 1 year - March 1, 1996 to March 1, 1997 - 20 ports throughout the state, some problems getting in. Access through LUIS menu #28, requires password which LeiLani can supply. End-user interface - more help features on screen, do not have to use 4321, can do word searching, must use a colon, no truncation, symbol may be used for plurals, can do limitation and adjacency, consistent across the databases. Before March 1, 1996 had access to all 59 databases, now only 9 - WorldCat, ArticleFirst, FastDoc, Contents First, PapersFirst, Proceedings First, MEDLINE, ERIC, GPO. Databases may be added back in, but would require a contract with OCLC. Retrieve full text under special project - $2.75. Electronic delivery - email, fax(would be an additional charge), download, read online - Patrons may order at time of display, would be sent to ILL. No mechanism for patron to pay, charge goes to the Library. Pagination is not verified, could site the electronic version. You do not get the MARC record - OCLC number may be recorded
  14. WEB version of First Search looks simple, same numbers are the authorization passwords
  15. Document delivery is available to anyone who gets in, can be turned off, global access across the account. Accounts could be setup, all is negotiable with OCLC. $37.50 charge, unknown what it encompasses, can request new passwords
  16. First Search help gives you the basics, problem getting out, BYE does it
  17. Can purchase our own port - around $4,000.00 per year
  18. Ports versus number of users, simultaneous access potential - unclear

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