Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
June 20, 1996

Present: Rich Bennett, M. Suzanne Brown, Stacey Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Frank DiTrolio, Barry Hartigan, Stephanie Haas, Carolyn Henderson, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Dolores Jenkins, Mari Marsh, Richard Phillips, Robert Singerman, Phek Su, Carol Turner

  1. Next MMM meeting will be the third Thursday in July
  2. Education - Second floor recarpeting starts tomorrow - noise, dust and fumes
  3. Wiring for third floor MSL - should submit formal request
  4. SUS Public Services Committee meeting tomorrow
Today's Agenda
  1. Wiring Status - scheduled and in progress
  2. Liaison program - Continuing discussion of procedures/policies
  3. Upgrading personal computer equipment
Wiring Status
  1. InfoSwamp - wiring in the ceiling - wiring should be complete one week after construction is concluded. Construction is scheduled to be complete 9 July. Recarpeting is not set to an exact date, could be a factor in the completion date
  2. Other construction - wiring should be complete one week after the construction is concluded
  3. Old thinnet replacement/new wiring - fuzzy 3 week window
  4. Contract for wiring second floor East - Acquisitions - should be complete the third week of July.
  5. South tower of East, AFA, Music - no firm date, contracts have been awarded and encumbered to Campus unit.
  6. First floor, North tower East - scheduled for 25-27 June, outside contractor from Orlando.
Digital Library
  1. Advertised on dumb terminals - searching index - Web portal - FCLA's first Web interface. LUIS interface, hot link, can't be displayed - ASCII text file, method should be available to display. Rich has questioned FCLA, but doesn't have all the answers back yet, waiting on a formal response - FCLA may be able to change the message from available to coming soon. Digital Library is very unstable at this time, running on NERSP, there maybe 20 or so sessions available, full text for many General Academic and Business
Update - Liaison Revamp
  1. Tom and Mary met with the liaisons to obtain feedback, very open session
  2. Recommendations were to revise the Policy and Procedures Manual to reflect actuality, have individual liaison's supervisor do their performance evaluations rather than Systems, continue with weekly meetings - provide more hands on training, expressed concern that Systems did not respond in a more timely fashion and with more cooperation, have negotiated limits - time, etc., - manuals, checklist before calling Systems, more "matching" equipment, expressed "users" had grown lazy
  3. Time factor was brought up at the last liaisons meeting, most spend more than the allocated FTE. Comment about time in the liaison meeting with Tom - when there are multiple liaisons within a section, some liaisons do more than others - normal management system.
  4. Bill suggested the liaisons assignments be given to their supervisor, liaisons didn't go for this
  5. Liaisons have to reconcile time constraints with their supervisors - liaison should be able to give a battle plan for problem solution, know when to call Systems
  6. Checklists cannot always be applied
  7. Systems is not really into local expertise, Systems can provide the technical knowledge
  8. University/State purchasing practices dictate the equipment purchases and virtually eliminate the possibility of "matching" equipment - technology changes ensure we will have different generations of software and equipment
  9. Possible change to the Policy and Procedures Manual - originally liaisons had defined skills as requirements, could be changed
  10. Bill and Rich are open to change the broad direction of the liaison program or fine tune what is there.
Upgrading Personal Computer Equipment
  1. Bill distributed a hand-out with price comparisons and percent drops on critical components between June and July.
  2. Memory market - new factories online, prices down - chip cartel to run prices up, will be merry-go-round, roller coaster effect
  3. CPU price is down - can purchase a Gateway for around $1900.00
  4. Net connections - modem is painfully slow. Southern Bell is doing well with ISDN - having a sale, waving the $200.00 installation with a 24 month contract - adaption hardware devices are between $200.00 and $800.00.
  5. ISP - Internet Service Provider - $15-$20 per month MMM Minutes 4/4/96

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