Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
October 17, 1996

Present: Suzanne Brown, Stacey Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Dot Hope, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Richard Phillips, Murdock Shaw, Robert Singerman

  1. Unexpected impediment - Provost pulled crew from AFA, should be completed in AFA by Wednesday - high ceiling, no place to put wires had to build mechanical chase. Music will be next, completion in 8-10 days. Will bring in the Orlando crew to look at MSL and Reference - high quality work, same as in Special Collections, price is higher but more spiffy job is done, better scheduling - last job estimate to scheduling was 2 weeks. Only delay is getting big estimates - MSL will be 75 to 100 drops, will replace Thinnet, drops to support 4 tier - 48 workstations - 12 to 16 drops in this area - office areas upstairs - quad outlets about 16, HUB would be unlimited, not enough addresses are currently available
  2. Laptop plug-ins - we have connections which are not being used, all are not active, would be too expensive - equipment, tracking, etc - on 97-98 timeline
Machine Distribution
  1. Twenty workstations are on order, twenty more are in the order process. Reason is FCLA released funding, no year-end dump this year
CIRCA Classroom Accounts
  1. Fee has been imposed on students for using CIRCA labs - $20.00. Don't expect a rollback on this. Fallout for the Libraries will be increased student usage of workstations. Productivity software is to be removed from the public workstations and reinstalled on staff machines. Biggest problem will be EMAIL - on NOTIS menu, but usage not allowed - most are on GROVE accounts- UF Home Page has click access, but will bomb because of no viewer - can telnet, could setup bank of machines for EMAIL access - USF has had problems with this, not your usual polite library patrons utilizing the machines, could setup time limits rather than policy - marked records have to be sent to EMAIL to print, provisional remedy from LUIS to get printing, also to manipulate records. Problem is shifting, students have to adjust to fee, but not University purchased machines being idle that they can't use - timers bring about their own set of problems, may need to scan their cards to handle logging and paperwork - increase FTE.
  2. CIRCA is not going to worry with the accounts/password changes, will increase the pressure to retain the accounts handed out, most will be limited to a single signon - people will cheat and retain the passwords - advise to get new accounts for each class to lower the class interruptions due to signon problems
  1. Computer and typewriter were summoned by court - past employee involved in 3rd and 4th party had written letter using Library equipment. Attorneys brought a computer NERD to prowl the computer and diskettes - older machine, on the shelf, no guarantees. Could need provision for dealing with such situations to avoid being in violation of court orders. Exit policy should address computer things, password termination, data security, equipment return, etc.
  1. Organic vandalism to computer keyboard. Be careful when you exam computers which may have been vandalized.
Mellon Software
  1. Viewing software is almost finished. CD ROMS, 2 examples of subset, will be experimenting
Current Browser Download
  1. How to access and where file of current browsers is located. Best source is the vendor - changes in the licensing prevents distribution after downloading, versions are being updated frequently, sometimes the latest one is buggy and causes other problems. Net downloading is slow, fetch works best, anonymous site is faster, current versions won't run on all machines - liaisons will need to be aware of which versions which machine will handle, could download current versions and make available to their areas.
  2. Internet Explorer 2.0 will not do frames, 3.0 was not available on the Microsoft site this morning

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