Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
January 16, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Stacey Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Frank DiTrolio, Carol Drum, Stephanie Haas, Yael Herbsman, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Barbara Oliver, Richard Phillips, Colleen Seale, Grace Strawn, Jan Swanbeck, Ed Teague, Carol Turner

Electrical Outage - January 20, 1997
  1. Library East has 3 power feeds, needs to be condensed, should be discussed with Contractor to rectify during construction. Servers will be down, hopefully only 2 hours, outage should start at 8 am, necessary to hook-up fire stuff. PPD will actually begin at 7:30-7:45 am, 3 other buildings are involved, allowed enough time for disaster by scheduling from 8am - 4pm. Plan on East being down, all will be shut down - 1-3 hours to get it back up, CDROM stuff, SNAPS, Netway in East, shared folders will not be accessible. Warn Patrons of the outage, definitely in the AM. Bringing the servers back up is trickey, hopefully it will be smooth, Novell is cranky coming back up.
Wiring Status
  1. MSL - Public areas, riser stack for telcom
  2. West starting tomorrow by Orlando crew - mostly in the closets, install outlets in DOCs - estimate 3 working days, should be done by Friday PM.
  3. Campus Fiber Project - current management estimates $120,000 to fix, estimate being done this fiscal year. Slow response in Education is because of fiber sharing, 1 10M segment, badly overloaded. AFA, Music can't be hooked to Campus until the fiber is increased, trying to get something going for them within the next 10 days.
  4. Engineering department - 1.2 million dollar wiring project, fiber optic to all desktops in Engineering, will dry up wiring supplies. Digital Design has the contract, personnel shuffling will leave the Campus network in chaos.
  5. Administration restructure of CITS, not in place
  6. New wire to East, remodeling move fiber from East to West, will set up POP in East to prevent outage, jumpers added, Wednesday next week should know, brief connection outages of 10 minutes or less. Gray wire, unknown origin, may be climate control, coiled on both sides, will cut and see what happens - the ultimate test.
Equipment Status
  1. Memory upgrades - Performas, Centris upgrades may be done, will do some, holding back on II CI's - network will hold up the money, MacPlus' and SE's - no upgrade, will probably replace
  2. Another 40 Cows to be ordered, manufacturer is holding up quotes, change in chips - hope to have manufacturer estimates tomorrow
  1. Library workstations - select connect WEBLUIS, takes you to Library custom menus, no ID check for proprietary databases, can't get in today, FCLA is working on it
  2. Tuesday, Rich Bennett(Chair of the WEBLUIS task force), met with the task force - sense of limitations and opportunity to change the appearance of WEBLUIS, not the search engine, but the presentation, putting out request for general input - submit comments and ideas to Rich.
  3. Navigation is a problem, exploring options - short term, midterm, long term.
  4. Task force will report the Public Services Commission by the end of March
Vendor Stuff
  1. Tower, Jukebox not available until Monday - access to a number of titles - menu on public workstations - have list of titles which have been approved - will take to Systems on Tuesday - HSS, Atler Religion Database - Wildlife & Fisheries - Systems is ready for these. Working on process to convey notice of new titles to users
  2. ERL server - Biological abstracts - hold is a license problem at BIOSYS, vendor is not Silver Platter, FCLA is ready
  3. JSTOR is out live, some faculty members are aware of it - Tom Walker, Entomology, found article he wrote in 1957, working from monitor smaller than the recommended 17 inch - had navigation problems, also printing - browser print not acceptable, print function software provided is recommended - try to do this on a public workstation to see how it happens. Need to look at public workstations, almost 20 titles linked to JSTOR - hot links to journals, possibly folder of WEB resources - factored into Library home page - Windows 95 menu of JSTOR may not be a good idea - separated WEB page allows for concatenation of resources - can't get to home page if it is not a menu option - need to create WEB structure for non-library
  4. Electronic books - Erich Kesse received a University printing publication on DOCUTEXT - bifold recently came out. FTP transfer for document printing - questions concerning structure for using it since it is University Printing. Erich will discuss this with Barbara Oliver.
  5. FCLA is working on link to First Search and Eureka with no UF id required to access - WEB versions are pretty nice, fairly intuitive
  1. DIALOG - Stewart Clark, January 22, Room 148, 3PM - WEB version will be demoed, all interested are invited to attend
  2. CSA - John Reeves, January 21, 1PM
  3. Teleconferences - Dancing with Change, Soaring to Excellence - see LibNews for details
  1. UNF - trying to change their email, mail may or may not make it, find a phone number and call them. ID.UNF.EDU is flakey
  2. Managers of lists need to talk to list members about utilizing EMAIL formats - i.e. - replies including original text messages. Lots of lists are now hosted at UF.

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