Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
February 6, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Bill Covey, Carol Drum, Stephanie Haas, Barry Hartigan, Yael Herbsman, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Amy Lindell, Mari Marsh, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck

Florida Gulf Coast College
  1. Bill Covey is helping Florida Gulf Coast hire a LAN administrator by teleconferencing & speaker phones. There is an abundance of computer jobs in South Florida. The college is scheduled to open in May, the library in September/October. They will have a 60 work stations & a multi-media lab with a virtual, online library.
General Wiring
  1. MSL - Wiring is in place, had to reorder some parts. Should be finished by the end of this week.
  2. Branches - waiting on the campus pull/alternate routes. AFA & Music - have located a spare subnet that hooks straight to Music with plenty of IP addresses. Have ordered fiber transceivers to hook AFA - 10 M line, currently has 50 IP's assigned, should carry alot of traffic. Audio applications are going out on the Net, could be an overload problem for Music.
  3. ERL - Silver Platter - CD access in AFA - type of IP added is problematic. This should be fixed with the new arrangement. Work stations that are on private IP's will have difficulty accessing ERL.
  4. Wiring in West is finished.
  5. 1 more wiring project is left in Documents - north & south sides if the building.
  6. Wiring is in on the 3rd, 4th & 5th floors, will be able to put out devices.
  7. Router work in West has been taking place at 6:00 AM, should be transparent. Congestion problems in room 148 appear to be solved - new port, new IP's.
  8. Future wiring - Fiscal year '96-'97 - Journalism Reading Room & an add-on in Documents. Other suggestions, please notify Martha.
  9. Smathers - 210 & Bridge are not wired at all. Room 208 may provide link. Both will be renovated, can't wire until renovation is complete.
  1. No word yet on the arrival of the new herd of 40 Cows.
  2. There have been systematic problems with the 17" Cow monitors causing them to go dead. It is a fault with the video card - a software patch does fix the problem. We are examining the 17" monitors we have - the new batch should not have this problem, but will be checked before distribution.
  3. Martha is trying to get an accurate inventory of old CPU's so they can be replaced. She encourages people to get these lists to her by the end of the week, as it will facilitate the distribution of the new Cows. Will need to evaluate staff vs. public work station needs.
  4. Uptime for Telex - length of time to repair - there has been a service battle since Telex went bankrupt. Service is faster in some cases. There is no service contract through FCLA. If it's broken, call for service - please do not stockpile repair requests.
General Computing Issues
  1. Apple, AOL, Net slow down - all related to Net growth.
  2. Campus computer reorganization was scheduled for this week, but has not happened yet.
  3. Work is progressing on the Universal GatorNet ID - universal id's for electronic access. Alumni, extended classes may have to pay a fee to obtain. FN LN ID appended, Libraries will be included in forming policy on the group GatorNet ID.
  4. The Health Center has formed a task force to look into consolidating their email, may integrate with GatorNet ID.
  5. There have been campus-wide meetings regarding the possibility of unified Novell access. Among topics discussed was an NDS tree - a Netware Directory Service whereby signing on to one root server gives access to other servers on the tree. This becomes political in that all parties involved would prefer to administer the root server. Other concerns involve the fact that if one server goes down, they all go down - and site license agreements.
  6. IFAS has been pulling back from VAX's. Maintaining expanded stations would be hard. In general, IFAS is moving away from VAX/DEC.
  7. Window NT Servers can handle multi-user signon. MicroSoft & NT claim to be interoptive products (can be used across vendor standards). Novell has 2 advantages with the NDS tree and better file server & printer service. Can probably assume there would be gateways between the two products. Florida Gulf Coast College is going entirely NT.
  8. UF NET ID's - An audit task force is trying to determine how it would effect UF ID's. UF ID numbers enable off- campus access. The idea is to get rid of those numbers - they don't work well with a single, central server. Bar coding, magnetic strips may be a problem - will have major implications for Library Circulation. Experimentation with Smart Cards (chips in the cards) - purely electronic - is currently on hold since discovering they can be baked in the microwave & the info can be extracted. The goal with these cards is to have 1 point of identity.
  9. Silver Platter/ FCLA authentication - on the original March time frame.
  10. Circulation functions at work stations - Rich currently has his work station set up for circulation. The setup is becoming stabilized, could explore the possibility of other test sites. Other equipment would have to be purchased to insure functionality.
  11. Switch occurring in marketing - rotating storage in the hard disk is less costly than CD drives. Heavily used CD's are cheaper to load to the hard disk. Alot of vendors are not up to this, ask vendor permission - access is faster, will experiment with it in the future.
  1. There is currently a backlog of generating email addresses due to a hangup between us & NERDC - should be rectified by the end of this week.

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