MMM Minutes 03/20/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
March 20, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Stephanie Haas, Barry Hartigan, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Jan Swanbeck

Current Events
  1. Shrinkage of Apple Corporation - Layoffs of the past week plus those of nine months ago represent a 46% reduction in the workforce over the past year. This indicates that Apple is destined to be a niche player if it is to survive. If Apple is to disappear, those with Apple or Apple clones will be frozen at the current point of technology.
Campus Networking
  1. Campus Network Advisory Committee met yesterday, the chair is Gary Koehler(BUS) and coordinator is Gene Hemp. This meeting of administrative types discussed the implementation of campus-wide standards. For example, there is a variety of incompatible email systems on campus. The Libraries adhere to the Internet standards. Building standardization may result in campus networking management being responsible to the wall plate. There have been meetings with vendors. The architecture of Internet2 puts control at a central network organization through to the desktop. It stops at indicating the type of micro to be used. The two key concepts of Internet 2 are "quality of service" network protocols and "gigapops" as elements of the connection plan.
  2. Campus Technical Advisory Committee meets tomorrow. This group will consist of "techies", not administrative types.
  3. Bill Covey passed out and then discussed a handout from Mark Hale which lists the current Internet initiatives: DIVCOMM, FIRN, ATM Trial, SUSNet, Internet2, vBNS, Next Generation Internet, GRU, COX, and the SURA Southern Cross.
Local Developments
  1. Estimates have been made on the wiring of Journalism, Special Collections and the remaining 2nd floor of Library West. Projections have come in high, will try for more estimates, then compare.
  2. Library East - we are curtailing any wiring projects as contractors recently undid what was just done in Special Collections.
  3. AFA-Music link - we are waiting for one more piece of equipment (again) that will be delivered Fed Ex to complete the link. The configuration is proving to be rather difficult.
  4. Network Security - possible breach of security on campus on March 17th, targeting Windows '95. To prevent it from happening, we turned off Telnet 137 & 139 - ports that feed the FIDDI loop. Someone had figured a way to access a Unix box and talk to DOS, whereby they could potentially steal passwords. The blockage was put into place yesterday morning.
  5. Campus Network will undergo physical reconfiguration to solve overloading HUBs problem. Will probably have one big campus FIDDI loop instead of the two smaller ones.
  1. The latest shipment of 40 Cows has been received. Should be ready for distribution to the staff by the middle of next week.
  2. Paint Shop Pro has been ordered - it's cheaper & easier. 3. We have been making upgrades to the 486 Systems - expanding them to Pentium class machines. These are for use as staff work stations.
  3. Biosis Disks - have been loaded to the SP Server. FCLA needs to hook them in. Should be available soon. FCLA doesn't have much experience working with Unix, they will need to consult with NERDC.
  4. A four disk tower has been set up for Chemical Abstracts - a four disk, multi-user dataset for online users.
  5. Philosopher's Index has been added to the jukebox.
  6. Circulation Transactions with Gateways - Rich has been testing and found some bugs. If the bugs can be worked out, Rich recommends using the Cows. It will have SNAPS-like backup capability with IP addresses. A Gateway hookup will have to be set up at FCLA. Questions arise concerning the reliability of using the Cows vs. the current dumb terminal system. While there may possibly be more down time, dumb terminals are inevitably on their way out, as the cost of repairing old equipment becomes exorbitant. We are currently stockpiling our old ones so we can do our own maintenance on them for as long as possible. Ultimately, better functionality will result from more modern equipment. Three years is the maximum length of time that we can expect to stay with the dumb terminals.
  1. DNS migration hasn't taken place yet - once the changeover is established, it will be a one time upheaval for NERDC.

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