MMM Minutes 04/03/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
April 3, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, Yael Herbsman, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Mari Marsh, Tom Minton, Colleen Seale, Murdock Shaw, Jan Swanbeck

Campus Computer News
  1. Libraries will be buying two new servers: a small NT Server to go to Norman Hall for file and print services and another small NT Server to pass through for CD ROM service.
  2. Campus needs more bandwidth. Costs will be very expensive - somewhere between $200,000 and $500,000. Bandwidth expansion is not expected anytime soon.
  1. Wiring in process - second floor Library West. Drops have been made in Documents. Ethernet is being installed in the west end of the building. This will complete the Library wiring projects for this fiscal year.
  2. Journalism project has hit a financial roadblock. Will need money to pursue it in the next fiscal year.
Campus Computing
  1. Lots of noise from former UF employees on campus mailing lists dealing with the state of campus computing. Much of it deals with grudges from the past. There is currently a movement to close these lists to the old-time whiners.
  2. Campus Technical Advisory Committee will meet again tomorrow - Friday, April 4, 1997.
  3. Gene Hemp presented a large budget proposal for Internet II to NERDC.
  4. The current consensus on the bottlenecks getting out to the world is that there is not enough bandwidth at the network POP. Last year the POP was increased by eight, the next increase will be by four - taking it to a 45 MB interface. It will take $40,000 per month to provide this service. Money will need to be found for this - it is under consideration in state politics. This usually comes down to financing vs. red tape.
  5. Phone Log Project - Online logs for tracking long distance phone calls - the prototype is in place in Systems, it may be given out to the liaisons. This project will use the NT Server for administrative data collection. Can operate in Windows '95 environment only.
  6. The latest shipment of 40 Cows has been distributed.
Email Initiatives
  1. There have been problems accessing off campus email sites. Messages come back "unable to connect" due to reverse address resolution.
  2. There will be changes to register all library addresses by the morning of Tuesday, April 8. Every library work station will be registered by its DNS name on the Internet. This should alleviate accessing difficulties.
  3. The internal library email address should be in place by May 1, the address will be: "".
  4. Campus wide, there is a move to find a universal interface. There will be several different options for this over the next few years. NERDC wants out of keeping the email system on the mainframe by the year 2000.
Server-related printer problems
  1. Murdoch Shaw notes that a cover sheet is printed every time a job is sent to their printer. These are generated when printing originates from Macs, not Cows. DOS compatibility cards & the Performas will fight over the NT Server. Users must sign on to the server to redirect the print queue. Should the machine be restarted, the user must sign back onto the server or printing will not resume.

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