MMM Minutes 06/19/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
June 19, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Trudi Di Trolio, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Peter Malanchuk, Mary Marsh, Richard Phillips, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck

  1. A large quantity of equipment has recently been purchased.
  2. New Zip drive was stolen from MSL - need to be careful with how we lock things up.
  3. Herd of cattle incoming - 10 Cows have arrived, another dozen are on the way. Configurations on these beasts are changing by the hour, many have different prices, features & software.
  4. Network devices - we will be spending more money on these than on work stations in the upcoming year, but the good news is that we have purchased more hardware this year than had originally been planned.
Network Meetings
  1. Bill Covey and Suzy Shaw recently attended a big Internet II meeting in Orlando.
  2. Bill attended the meeting with Lombardi & Capaldi - discussion focused on the recent mandate requiring all students to have computer access by the year 1998. A draft of the requirement is already being written up. Implications for the Libraries: computer labs on campus will eventually be phased out, students will need to provide their own access - most probably through laptops. And where will they be plugging in? The Libraries and selected classrooms where there is plenty of seating space seem to be the logical answer. With this mandate comes the added problem of having 40,000 students accessing the network, dorms are being wired - all this will require increased bandwidth. The plan is to be in place by June of next year. Individual colleges will determine their studentsí computer requirements. Fall of í98 will see the enforcement of the requirements on incoming freshmen & transfer students. The requirement will be phased in, should be fully implemented by the third year of itís existence.
Network Wiring
  1. Journalism - has finally agreed to allow us 3% of their available bandwidth. We will be able to begin wiring over there within the next couple of weeks, should be finished in a month. They reserve the right to pull the plug if they feel it is infringing too much on their bandwidth.
  2. Education - the bandwidth has been increased from 10 MB to 100 MB. Now there is a NT visibility problem, NERDC is trying to track down the cause.
  3. 4th Floor - we will be installing wiring for Resource Servicesí temporary relocation next month. Permanent wiring will eventually be installed on the 4th floor for LAC - should have even more access than originally planned. Electrical access is another problem. Nothing up there meets electrical specs. The temporary wiring will have to be in & out before the permanent wiring can be installed.
Software on the Servers
  1. We have implemented application software onto the servers - providing more disc storage and automatic backup. We have about a half a dozen network server software for public machines. Access to shared software will provide that users are all on the same version. The shared software is more expensive - if, due to licensing, we find we need more applications - it may not be worth it.

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