MMM Minutes 08/07/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
August 7, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Stacy Carr, Tom Cetwinski, Robena Cornwell, Trudi Di Trolio, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Jan Swanbeck

Library Security Issues
  1. Recent theft of computer equipment - 2 zip drives from Systems and 3 complete work stations from MSL - necessitated the discussion of equipment security in the Libraries. We need to have adequate, secure storage areas. Security devices - padlocks, bolts, chains - could help, but renders movement of the equipment difficult & is aesthetically displeasing. Video cameras may deter some theft, though we have yet to actually catch anyone in the act with them. The Intellikey System would require big bucks up front - at least $1000 per station. This would be a major investment, but allows for tracking who comes in & out of area as well as programming the times of usage. Discussion continued about acceptable cost of losses versus spending money from some other library fund for increased security. In addition, the staff needs to increase their awareness of security issues. General consensus is that we should go ahead and spend the money to enhance security. Costs will need to be checked out, the procedures will need to be mapped out - the price tag will undoubtedly hurt. Bill will take this recommendation to Dale.
  1. Email sign-ons for departed employees usually remain activated for one or two months so any remaining library business can be forwarded to and from the person. Email cannot be left on for personal use. Outgoing employees need to be informed of this policy.
  2. Liaisons will begin training next week - learning how to transfer staff to PC email.
  3. GatorLink will not affect the Libraries - the issue of USPS using email has not been settled - so we have gone ahead with our own email system.
CORE Networking
  1. No decision has been made on the CORE vendor. The President is apparently wrestling with the decision.
Microsoft - Apple Merger
  1. Is Microsoft saving Apple? They invested right before the anti-trust agreement - basically this draws the line against Netscape, as Microsoft Explorer will become their primary browser. This will not at all effect the Library work station plans.

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