MMM Minutes 09/18/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
September 18, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Barbara Oliver, Richard Phillips, Jan Swanbeck

New Equipment Orders
  1. No new equipment has been ordered - we are still awaiting the FCLA money. We are a part of their budget, probably in much the same way as the last couple of years.
  2. We will need to proceed with wiring jobs in Library East and some in MSL.
  3. We will watch how the campus computer requirements proceed - whether we’ll need plug-ins for portables and/or network work stations in place of dumb terminals.
  4. Over the next few weeks, individual departments will probably want to think of priorities for equipment and wiring. Macs that are still in use need to be replaced with Cows.
  1. No decision has been reached yet on a vendor. The technical committee repeated their recommendation for CISCO despite IBM’s most recent enthusiastic pitch.
  2. President Lombardi is scheduled to meet with CISCO’s #2 man on September 22 - it will not be until after that that any decision would be made.
  3. We will hold off on any networking decisions until we know what the campus vendor will be.
Water Leak in Music
  1. Gary Cornwell reports that there is a water leak in the Music Library near the network control box. It was reported to Physical Plant two days ago and they showed up today to work on it.
Judaica Move
  1. Judaica is planning to move into the CIRCA lab located in the Education Library. No notification has been given to Systems yet, Bill advises an email to SYSHELP.
  2. Judaica still uses dumb terminals. SNA wires will not be available, they shouldn’t be relying on those terminals anymore.
  3. The room will need to be inspected by Systems - it may need a crew and an estimate in order for it to meet the needs of the staff. Bill warns that no one should move in there right now expecting to be wired.
New Email
  1. The switch over to the new email system has been proceeding fairly well - much more successfully than GatorLink, which has not been working properly to the point where people are getting other people’s email. Apparently they are having problems with their directory center.
  2. On our end, we upgraded two of our servers over the weekend. This will provide our email users with an average of 40M of space per person.
  3. Most, but not all, of the Liaisons have attempted the email changeover. Bill encourages members of MMM to switch over as well, seeking assistance from their departmental liaisons.
  4. We are looking into acquiring email through a Web interface, so you can reach your email via the Web. It would be backed up nightly through a tape magazine.
  5. The Liaisons will be attending one of the two hands-on classroom sessions on Monday to practice configuring the email system. Bill recommends changing the mail server & client at the same time. Relaying your new address to people makes them use the new server, right now most are forwarding from NERVM.
  1. The wiring of the Journalism Reading Room is now complete. The problem we ran into was that Journalism was feeding us a 100M bandwidth to our 10M pipe. With that correction, we will be monitoring to see how much traffic is actually generated by this hookup.
Student Computing
  1. Standard upheaval on the student computer requirement - but there will be no backing off on the commitment to impose it on the incoming freshmen and juniors next year. There will be a basic University requirement, then each college will have their own specifications.
  2. This won’t necessitate that students must own computers, rather, they will need to have computer access - whether by leasing, renting, using metered computers or having it provided for in a financial aid package.
  3. It is anticipated that companies providing computer repair & access will be popping up all over town as the requirement becomes standard policy.
  1. The CIRCA computer labs are slated to disappear, but that probably won’t happen for at least a year. These labs are currently not even meeting basic computing standards - they are trying to bring them up to code.
  2. Eventually these labs may become electronic classrooms. Each of the academic buildings may provide an electronic classroom for its students.
  3. Concern has been expressed that the Libraries should not become a refuge as the only place to provide computer access. The Libraries should make a statement on what their role will be.
  4. There is talk of establishing the equivalent of email phones on campus for casual email use. The repair cost alone on these would probably make this prospect highly unlikely.
  5. Commercial facilities may choose to set up computers in much the same manner as we now have copiers in the Libraries. There really is no space for such a venture - as it is now we have become the copy center of campus.

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