MMM Minutes 10/02/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
October 2, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck

  1. Journalism is up and running - despite the 100M feed to our 10M line & non-standard Gateway port that we had configured as standard. The IP’s are finally working and all is well.
NT Server Crash
  1. The NT Server has crashed again - all server related functions are down - this probably includes printing. It crashed last Friday - the 50M backup of stored mail refused to load. The server would not reconnect and signons would not reload. Bill and Destry were fixing those on an individual basis. Last night it went down again when they were backing it up. Bill feels the problem is probably hardware related. The interface card is suspect. Hopefully it will be back in action by this afternoon. In the meantime, we will continue to use the liaisons as sacrificial guinea pigs on the email conversion & won’t extend the process to the rest of the staff yet. Will we be moving the mail server off of NT ? No, not unless this one crashes again.
  2. Liaisons have been storing mail on the server - both back up and storage space. The advantage to that is the ability to access it from different machines. Devices capable of performing backup at individual work stations would cost big bucks and you would lose the advantage of a central backup. May have everyone have their own private folder on the mail server as an immediate solution, in the long run - may put folders on the main disk. OutLook has an archive feature, but Bill says it is an uncertainty for backup - it is known to have drawbacks.
  3. The server was up and running for weeks before enlisting the mail server - Bill suspects some hardware components to be the culprit - either the individual disk drive or SCSI card. And the trouble shooting continues…
Campus CORE
  1. No decision has been reached yet on the campus CORE decision. Until then, things remain quiet. President Lombardi met with representatives from CISCO on September 22 - put no proposal has been accepted or rejected.
Town Meeting
  1. There are plans in the works for a town meeting in the University Auditorium. Topic is to be the changes in campus computing - all people are welcome to attend. It is basically a fact-finding mission sponsored by NTAC.
Student Computer Requirement
  1. The student computer requirement remains unchanged, the basic requirement has been drawn up by CIRCA. These requirements have not yet been mailed out to the affected students.
  1. Menus for databases have been changed. New version of WebLuis is in place. Discussion took place about the menu system changes - direct links - didn’t imply interface change.
  2. Many of our staff are still using the terminal version of WebLuis, they need to migrate over to the web version.
  3. There have been problems with both terminal & WebLuis - Rich is busy trying to identify the problem of non- existent searches.
  4. Yesterday there were problems with LUIS email going down. Now it is back up - and there were no breaks in the service. If you have any problems or observations, let Rich Bennett know.
  5. Carol Drum recently taught a Faculty Support class on WebLuis with no problems. Microsoft Internet Explorer worked better - Netscape was downloading to the C:drive, wouldn’t directly pull up a document. The settings on that individual computer needed to be fixed. Overall, the faculty has been positive about the new WebLuis.

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