MMM Minutes 10/16/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
October 16, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Trudi Di Trolio, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Ann Lindell, Tom Minton, Barbara Oliver, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck

Recent Internal Turmoil
  1. The most recent server turmoil is just about under control. There have been a few spotty email problems here and there, but overall it must be said that the email conversion is ready to go. Systems has recently spent hours on the phone consulting with Microsoft technicians. There are plenty of troubleshooting incidents that not covered in the books, things that can only be learned by speaking with the "experts".
Campus Networking
  1. No CORE decision reached yet. There is a meeting scheduled for October 24 and hopefully an announcement will follow by November 1.
  2. Once the vendor is hired, it will change how the network is handled and, thereby, the type of equipment that we will purchase.
  1. NTAC recently sponsored a "town meeting" in which most comments were directed at the troubles with the GatorLink system. It has interrupted every private email system on campus.
  2. GatorLink has proven bad for those who had email before then migrated over to that system. The Libraries have had less disruption in our mail migration.
  3. Comments about the overall network pertained to itís instability, site disappearance and the inaccessibility of entire geographic regions.
  4. Southern Bell is under state contract, but who is responsible for what networking problems, it is difficult to say. Hopefully, the state system will get their lawyers out to make sure we are getting the full value for our networking dollars.
Internet II
  1. Gainesville will be the distribution center for state institutions below 200. We were hoping to see the first bit of traffic in December, that has now been pushed backed to the Spring Break timeframe. Will need to have the new CORE vendor in place and operational. Once the CORE is reconfigured, it will allow us to unload some of our traffic.
Security Task Force
  1. Erich Kesse is spearheading a task force attempting to procure better security within Smathers Library. At the moment the keys to the building can be checked out by people at the Library West Circulation desk without investigation. The task force is wanting to restrict access to Smathers by removing the keys from the Circulation Desk and requiring staff to get a memo, one day in advance, from their department chair if they intend on accessing the building when it is closed to the public.
  2. Eventually we may move to expanding the Intellikey system - and the use of "smart locks" that track to whom and when access was permitted. The cost of these intellikeys would be comparable to that of metal locks to make & distribute. We would be able to issue them to the entire staff and then program each individualís appropriate access.
  3. The fire, police & maintenance departments should currently have access to the building. In a bind, they have been summoned to let people into the building.
  4. The point has been brought up that with all the departmental moves going on during reconstruction, it is hard to predict when staff members will need to enter the building. Also, the Circulation staff doesnít want to get stuck with the job of policing who is allowed access to the building. The regulations need to be clear cut.
  5. New policy will be in effect as of today. The Circulation staff will not issue keys to any unauthorized personnel. Staff will need to have a memo on file at the Circ desk - issued one day in advance - from the department chair. This will grant the staff member permission to get a key & enter the building.
  6. Circulation will keep a log of who checks out keys.
  7. The Security Task Force will draw up this proposal and present it to the Directors.

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