MMM Minutes 11/20/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
November 20, 1997

Present: Bill Covey, Suzanne Brown, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, John Ingram, Richard Phillips, Jan Swanbeck

  1. Annual FCLA meeting today
  2. Delivery of Gateways has started

Campus Business
CORE decision
  1. May utilize both IBM and CISCO, IBM on the inner circle and CISCO on the outer. Neither vendor seems pleased. NERDC network staff will have to learn both vendor products
Site Outages
  1. Site outages seem to have been eased, complaints to Bell South - routing changes, now have long pauses instead
  1. Rumor of GatorLink info meetings - latest is that NERVM accounts will no longer allow dial-in, not true. NERDC ID's are NERDC ID's period, not application specific. Dial-up pool accepts all authorized ID's. Talk was BASIC access or Faculty Support accounts, no dial-up authorized. Library VM accounts are dial-up authorized
  2. Problems with directory service in GatorLink, bad mix, trying to resolve
Classroom Wiring/Mobile Computing
  1. $600,000 to do, not clear how solid
  2. Basic is 24 seats, estimate $10,000 does not include HVAC and electrical
  3. Dallas Antley(CLAS) and Todd Hester(CIRCA) working on prototype
  4. Idea is almost like OIR overhead projectors were
  5. Advantage - flexibility, modular expansion
  6. INTEROP - proves it is do able.
  7. RISK Management concerns - cord tripping
Student Computer Requirements
  1. Newspapers - Vendor contracts, probably 1 January award
  2. Most preferences toward WIN95 machines, MAC people in an uproar
  3. Some version by Fall
  4. Drop-in locations are unknown
  5. Carol Turner wrote a document outlying the difficulties of user authentication which was delivered to NAC
  1. Monster - question of whether it had been communicated to Tigert that it takes five minutes to connect, five minutes to click. Information could be passed to NAC. Gary Koehler - public operational problems could be reported directly to him. NTAC is advisory to NAC, direct to NERDC. Could get students to put problem descriptions in the suggestion boxes in the Libraries and forward them to Gary Koehler. Problems - to some extent are due to resources - proprietary to NETSCAPE. Try both levels.
  1. All sessions were busy yesterday, couldn't get in. It's tied to NOTIS, need to get new system, NOTIS is overloaded.
  2. Gary Strong is going to VOYAGER - user interface offers flexibility, customized stuff. It is a relational database structure
  3. NOTIS strong feature is public side can get to the tech side, very powerful. Windowed environment has many possibilities - opening multiple windows.
  4. Migration is a big problem, physical blocks won't fit
  5. MARC compatible
  6. Big argument is the source code, no vendor wants to give it out, other big companies have handled it
  7. Deadline for report is known
  8. Committees - PSPC subcommittees are working on features, also special adhoc committees
  9. Wheels grind slow, Year 2000 problem will probably delay until at least 2001, maybe 5 to 6 years


  1. Education - Tuesday, uncertain from wiring crew, their department head is out until after Thanksgiving
  2. Special Collection, Latin America - TDI out of Orlando, expensive but fast. Walk-thru by Friday, hopefully done by 31 December
  3. Marston - HVAC, electrical holdup. Specs not written, nothing out to bid
  4. Systems, Preservation - depending on Marston. Missing panduit, no horizontal runs to closet
  5. Contractors slightly behind schedule
  6. Major work in com closets
  1. Stable operations - NT server online to provide Mac services such as Philosophers Index
  2. Convert EMAIL, add local clients. Last vestiges of Cyberlib moving to NT. Public folders are relatively easy to use and create
  3. Exchange 5.5 to be released this week. Version has critically important improvements in backup procedures

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