MMM Minutes 12/18/97

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Managers Meeting
December 18, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Trudi DiTrolio, David Hickey, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Stephanie Haas, Martha Hruska, Ann Lindell, Stacey Marsh, Tom Minton, Phek Su, Jan Swanbeck

  1. Stacey Marsh has not been able to access the Foundation database. The problem is not on our end, possibly something done at the Foundations end.
  2. East Wiring status - 2nd Floor is about half done. The P.O. was issued for $14,999. Purchasing will not accept the sole source. They are trying to tack onto the Perry Parrish contract - approvals are in progress. Snafuís will delay completion about two weeks.
  3. LAC - not started.
  4. Education should be complete by the end of the month.
  5. Disappearance of NERVM will happen, there is no set schedule as to when. It wonít make the year 2000 - NERDC is not fixing it. No deadline or set date has been given to stop using VM accounts. Even with the FWD, if VM goes down or has problems - you will, too. The mandate for Library staff to switch over to the Exchange server has not been issued; sometime in the new year it will be set. Exchange has some new features and offers flexibility.
  6. University Locator - alias wraps are not always accurate and could point anywhere. Forward has to be done by individuals. NT2 access must be requested by a Liaison and set up by Systems. Need to change all addresses to PH has always had problems which have carried forward to GatorLink. GatorLink requires a pin number - call CIRCA for help, the phone number is on the WEB page. With a working pin number, you can change your own mail address on GatorLink. There is some question as to how to expand GatorLink to handle all staff.
  7. Electrical status in Marston - money is there, work hasnít started.
  8. Campus Core - CISCO edge stuff has been ordered. Interior will be IBM. Systems switch order should be placed this week.
  9. Campus group, NTAC, will establish standards for laptop plug-in. Dallas Antley and Todd Hester are working on a prototype classroom. Standard UTP, DHCP address assignment. NAC will talk to Dale concerning authentication. Carol Drum submitted write-up to NAC addressing authentication. Dale will meet with NAC sometime next year. May exempt our machines, but not the walk-in jacks. Room 100 East is being considered to test authentication. The Grand Reading Room is being wired for jacks (24 workstations plus master location).
  10. Electronic reserve machine to scan - not quite powerful enough, need to upgrade. The main upgrade would be memory - which may not increase print speed. Model used at Cornell is DocuPrint - for extra large jobs. Assumed to be self-service. Two issues: one is the machine, the other is printing. Need the technology to handle it. Electronic Books will have the same problem. Need a count of machines and the WSIDís for memory order. Liaisons can do the upgrades relatively quickly.
LMG Relationship
  1. Need to change the nature of LMG and form a steering committee. Could non-computer functions be performed in MMM? Reporting mechanism from each department could do LMG function in MMM.

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